New Project: Sugar Dark

I’m pleased to announce we are starting a new novel translation, Sugar Dark! Zero Ender will be the head translator, and we all wish him Godspeed. Note that this project will need editors as well, so please apply if you are interested!

Sugar Dark Light Novel

Summary: The 14th annual Sneaker’s Literary Grand Prize Winner!!

Due to a false accusation, the boy Muoru was arrested and sent to a remote public cemetery where he must dig grave holes every day. Yet, on that night he meets Meria, a girl who calls herself the grave keeper. Muoru finds himself drawn to this girl. However, a mysterious child named Karasu soon tells him that “mankind’s natural enemies, the undying monsters known as The Dark are supposed to be buried within the graves he is digging.” Muoru was confused, but what was worse, did he just witness Meria get killed by the dark?


I wanted to just mention that Sugar Dark was the first novel in six years that managed to win the grand prize in the Sneaker Bunko LN Competition. The last one to win this prize before Sugar Dark you might have heard of: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. So it might not be a novel that’s very heard of in the West, but it’s definitely something that’s already making waves in literary circles in Japan, so please do check it out!

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5 thoughts on “New Project: Sugar Dark

  1. Do you get your summary from the translator who has read this book, the back of the book, the book’s site, or some other place?

    • I believe so.

      It’s been a while but I believe the author said he was too stressed out after the publicity the book received that he couldn’t write anymore.

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