New NanoDesu Blog Site

I’m pleased to announce that we are opening a blog site for our translation group, affectionately named The Nano Channel. The blog will be written by members of our staff (translators, editors, administrators, and all other staff members), but commenting will be open to everyone. This is my answer to the few occasions when some people have asked me to consider making a forum; I never liked the idea of a forum, since I want us to remain strictly a translation group and not stray into becoming a broad community, but at least in this way, our group members have a way to share their thoughts and unwind, and readers/group members can interact with each other in a more casual environment, and not just on the translation sites.

It’s still relatively empty, but I hope that our staff will be using it to post their thoughts whenever they feel up for it. Please do check it out:

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7 thoughts on “New NanoDesu Blog Site

  1. Er, isn’t this already a blog?

    By the way, how are we supposed to track new releases of your projects? They don’t show up in the feeds since they are posted as independent pages. No MU updates are done either. Currently, the only way we can keep up is to manually check each of the pages we’re interested in…

    • This is a blog but its more for release news only and not other topics.

      The best way would probably be to follow us on twitter, since we tweet updates every week. Following all the blogs you want is not bad either – since it cuts down on spam of you getting update news on projects you don’t follow.

      • As I said, I already follow the blogs in question. The problem is, the chapters are posted as pages on WordPress. They don’t count as blog posts that appears on feeds. If a blog post is made announcing volume of so-and-so has been completed, only then can we know of the updates.

        It’s a shame that it’s only Twitter. I haven’t got around to using it.

        Oh, and I believe there’s not much release news to be found on this blog.

      • My apologies. It seems seeing Sakuraso’s parts of chapters updated, I came to expect the same of Zombie and Gekka.

        Also, do consider detailing the number of parts to be expected of a chapter on each chapter pages.

        Finally, thank you very much for all the translations. They’ve literally given me hours of entertainment. Though I don’t have the right say it as a leecher, please keep up the hard work!

  2. I’m glad to see everyone is doing well! Sorry for the leave of absence, a lot of things changed in my life and it took a while to adjust. If you’d be so kind as to bring me up to speed on what’s been happening NanoDesu it would be much appreciated.

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