Now Recruiting Editors!

In the past few months, we have grown to an impressive eleven projects, with a few more unannounced projects in the works (but you didn’t hear that from me). This is truly an exciting time for our light novel translation group, but in the face of this growth, we find that we are in need of more dedicated people who are willing to donate a bit of their time to the great cause of light novel translation.

Projects that may need editors include: Oreimo, Korezon, Kikou Shoujo, Gekkahime, and a few unannounced projects (please inquire!) There might also be positions available on some of our other active projects, and it never hurts to ask. Those interested should have a very good grasp of English, be motivated to do their job, and be readily available by email or IM.

Please take this opportunity to join us in this exciting period of growth at ND!

Instructions for those interested can be found here. (CLICK ME!)

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