Recruitment Call for New Open Positions: Graphics Artist, PDF Typesetter


Two more support positions have opened and are up for grabs. We already have an active Graphics Artist and PDF Typesetter, but due to increasing workload we think it would be appropriate to have two on hand. If interested, please send an email.

Job Descriptions:

Graphics Artist: Maintain site graphics and make new banners for both new projects and pre-existing projects. Applicants should have significant Photoshop experience and have experience with rendering characters out of images.

Typesetter: Create PDF files for all completed volumes. Since this job only kicks in when a volume is completed, it can be fairly laid back most of the time, but can also have periods where it is quite busy.

If interested, please send with the following information:

A short description of relevant experience in your desired position
Any available sample work (not mandatory but strongly suggested if you have any to show)

This is a first-come, first-serve opportunity! The first qualified applicant for either position will be accepted, and we will close this recruitment call. Apply now!

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