NanoDesu 13th Project: No Game, No Life

We are happy to welcome Eternal Dreamer into our ranks and open up his No Game, No Life translation!

No Game, No Life (Light Novel)
Link to Translation

Head Translator: Eternal Dreamer

Novel Summary (modified from LNDB): In the gaming world, there is an urban legend about [ ], who managed to become the best player and beat every single game in the world. No one knows how [ ] looks like nor know about his identity. In reality, [ ] is a team formed by two siblings, who are both Hikikomori, NEETs, social outcasts, and otaku, named Sora and Shiro. Sora, the older brother, is good at reading people’s hearts but deemed worthless compared to his sister. Shiro, the little sister, is a genius but incapable of understanding people’s hearts. Together, they became the world’s greatest gamer. One day, a god from another world invited them, and upon accepting it, they were transferred into a world where everything is decided by simple games: from just playing to passing between borders. In this world, Imanity is the remaining territory of the human race. Will Sora and Shiro be able to save Imanity from its destruction?

Games, fantasy, an imouto, sometimes gratuitous nudity… what’s not to like? This promises to be one wild ride, especially since an anime of this series has already been announced. Please go check the project out and give Eternal Dreamer your support!

 For those interested, we will need one additional editor for this project. If you want to be considered for the position, please read the instructions at and apply! This is first come first serve – once we find a qualified editor the position search will be closed.

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4 thoughts on “NanoDesu 13th Project: No Game, No Life

  1. Delighted to hear that it’s getting picked up, read what was translated on BT, but there hasn’t been an update in a while. Looking forward for what happens next. Thanks for translating this, Eternal Dreamer, and good luck.

  2. This announcement literally put a smile on my face, thanks for picking up the title, Ternal Dreamer! Here’s to hoping for some quality translation whenever you feel like coming back to reality. 😀

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