NanoDesu 15th Project: Ojamajo Doremi 16

Happy New Year’s! And what better way to celebrate a new year than with a new light novel project? Misa-chan joins us now to translate Ojamajo Doremi 16!

Ojamajo Doremi 16 (Light Novel)
Link to Translation

Head Translator: Misa-chan

Original Series Summary (from Wikipedia): Doremi Harukaze, 3rd grade student at Misora Elementary School, claims to be the world’s unluckiest pretty girl. Fascinated by witchcraft, she is drawn into a mysterious shop where she meets Majo Rika and is able to deduce that this lady is in fact a real witch. Being exposed by a human triggers a curse that transforms witches into magical frogs. To regain her original body, Rika must turn Doremi into a witch by teaching her how to use magic. Thrilled by this odd development, Harukaze becomes a witch apprentice. Unfortunately, her two best friends, Hazuki Fujiwara and Aiko Senoo, discover that Doremi has become a magic user. Afraid that Harukaze might become a magical frog too, Majo Rika recruits both Hazuki and Aiko and makes them witch apprentices too. The trio has lots of adventures as they try to triumph the necessary trials to become real witches.

Novel Summary (from Wikia): Doremi Harukaze is in her 1st year of high school now! Doremi is very excited to meet her friends from elementary school, but Onpu Segawa is nowhere to be seen… While on the road back, memories come flooding back, but why is the MAHO Dou still standing!?

Ojamajo Doremi 16 is the novel sequel to a long-running, popular magical girl/shoujo series. So not only is this a new project, but in true New Year fashion, this is quite a different series than the ones we have been taking up. We’re quite excited about Misa-chan joining our merry band and bringing along this refreshing change of pace. A whole volume is already completely up, so go read!!

Be aware that we are opening an editor search for this project. Open editor positions on ND do not come up too often and are filled quite quickly, so please apply now to secure your spot! First come first serve!

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