NanoDesu 17th Project: Rokka no Yuusha

Greetings! We are happy to announce our 17th project, Rokka no Yuusha! Zero Ender, the translator for Sugar Dark, presents us with this new story filled with action and adventure.

Rokka no Yuusha (Light Novel)

Link to Translation

Head Translator: Zero Ender

Novel Summary: When “The Majin” awakes the goddess of fate will choose six warriors and bestow them with the power to save the world. Somewhere on their bodies a crest in the shape of a flower will appear and as a result the warriors are called “The Heroes of the Six Flowers”. As the day of The Majin’s revival nears, Adlet, a boy who calls himself the strongest man in the world, is chosen as one of the “Six Flowers”. But when the heroes arrived at their designated location, they found that there were seven heroes present. Which meant that one of them was an imposter and an enemy. Confused by the impossible situation, suspicion and paranoia spread among the chosen. And within a thick forest, the heroes’ fierce battle begins!

Rokka no Yuusha won 3rd in 2013 and 8th in 2014 in the most prestigious Japanese light novel popularity contest (Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi!). Action, bravery, distrust, and treachery… this is the story of an unconventional hero going on a journey to protect the world from evil. Along the way, he assembles with companions that have mysterious backgrounds of their own. Zero Ender returns to translate this amazing project, so give him all your support and start reading now!

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4 thoughts on “NanoDesu 17th Project: Rokka no Yuusha

  1. Yes yes !
    I can’t wait for the translation. I was hoping for someone to pick it.
    Thanks, and good luck with your translation !

  2. This is the best light novel novel I ever read. Happy to see that someone is willing to translate it in English (since my English is far too bad to do it myself, unfortunately).
    Excellent news ! Good luck to the translator and many thanks for providing me more persons to talk with about that awesome title :D.

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