Volume Completion: Mayo Chiki! Volume 1

Now here’s something REALLY official! Volume 1 of Mayo Chiki! has been completely translated!! Once again, this is all thanks to everyone who worked on the project! Great job guys!

Well, you know the drill, click on the Volume Cover to get started!




Hope everyone enjoys the volume!

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One thought on “Volume Completion: Mayo Chiki! Volume 1

  1. Sorry for being the guy that probably makes you sigh in irritation, but could you please make a PDF for the first volume? Otherwiswe I have to keep going to the cyber café, and it´s too far for someone on foot, and it´s bothersome and blah, blah (there are more reasons, but I don´t think you want me go on, and ironically I´m complaining about this at a cyber and there´re like ten seconds left :P). So putting the nagging aside before you stop reading this, I would very much appreciate it if you could upload a PDF, I really want to read this…um, please? Had I led with that we´d both be a little younger now XD Thanks!

    Oh, as a thank you gift, I reccomend reading B Gata H Kei, it´s the most retarded manga ever (in a good way!) XP

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