ND’s first puzzle challenge.

A few weeks ago, we cryptically announced on Twitter and Facebook that something big was coming. And now, that something big is almost ready. In around a week, we will doing the big reveal, but for those of you who want to know now, along with some other fun prizes, we are offering you a chance!

We thus open the first NanoDesu Puzzle Challenge! The rules are simple: solve the puzzle, and get the following prizes:

– Early access to our next big project.
– Early access to the pre-edited rough draft of OreGaIru volume 1.
– A special additional privelege which will be revealed to the puzzle solvers.

Click here to access the puzzle!

The answer is one English word or phrase, and you should send your solution to nanodesuadmin@googlegroups.com.

Happy puzzling!!

Some other rules:

(1) This challenge starts when this post becomes public, and ends when we announce our next project.
(2) You may NOT work with others, but you may use any other online resource you want.
(3) You will have only three tries to send us the correct solution.

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4 thoughts on “ND’s first puzzle challenge.

  1. Umm, what exactly are we try ti solve here? I see that some of them are from existing projects, so should we figure out which cover page is *not* from an existing project and send it yo you?

  2. Well these are all from novels they have worked on, though some of the volume numbers are ones that they haven’t translated yet. I figured out all the names and volume numbers but I just can’t figure out what to do with it.. hmmm.

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