New Project Recommendations Needed! (Fantasy/Scifi/Action)

UPDATE 8/31: All comments have been read and a project has been tentatively decided upon. We will reveal the project when the project goes live. Thank you everyone!

Hi all,

We are pleased to announce that a new translator has joined us recently, and for probably the first time in our history, we are asking the readers for suggestions on translation projects. Please leave a comment if you have a suggestion.

The guidelines are:

(1) The series should lean towards the action/scifi/fantasy genre.

(2) The series must be available in a Japanese bookstore or legally online (nothing super obscure).

(3) The series must not be rated 18+.

We will most likely be beginning the translation from Volume 1, so please keep that in mind when making your suggestion. Also, posting a link to the novel summary (in Japanese is ok!) is recommended for full consideration.

Thank you very much all! We look forward to hearing your recommendations.


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157 thoughts on “New Project Recommendations Needed! (Fantasy/Scifi/Action)

  1. 1.Ore ga heroine o tasukesugite sekai ga little mokushiroku!?

    Basically a guy who is stuck as a protagonist in many different kind of plots including, but not limited, to running away with an alien princess, saving a fantasy world from a demon king, saving his childhood-friend from an evil magician, and stopping the apocalypse…all in the first novel.

    2.Seiken tsukai no world break

    About reincarnated heroes who live in the modern world and fight evil beings from another world, divided into two types depending on who they reincarnated from. The hero is reincarnated from the two strongest of each side.

    3.Ochitekita ryuuou to horobiyuku majo no kuni

    About “Naga” who came crashing in from another world without his memories and teaches those who save him how to properly wage war…the ones who sae him are witches

    4. Rain

    About a former mercenary military commander called the “strongest” and his defending of the country he now serves.

    Numbers are not a rank of preference but rather which came first to mind. Please choose one of them as they are all great stories that should be told.

      • I found it first as the adaptation and then when I heard it was a novel I searched and found squat.

        The others are also have adaptations but no translations of the novel.

  2. How about these:
    Indefinite Linkage
    Complete Novice
    Quintet Phantasm
    Affection is the salvation that changes you, but love is a wlll to change the world:
    Aerial Combat Wizard Candidates’ Instructor:

    Really hope you choose one of these, they all look nice.

  3. Congrats on getting a new translator, this is always great news for the LN community. However, before you pick up a new project, couldn’t the new guy translate one of your projects that seem abandoned? I loved Gekka no Utahime to Magi no Ou and was sad that it was never completed. Also wouldn’t your new translator have an easier time translating something that has already been started? This could give him (by the way sorry if you’re a girl) more experience and fulfill the various readers who were left hanging. I don’t mean to sound unexcited since a lot of the suggestions sound good, but I would rather you clear out some of your backlog first.

    • Our translators pick their own projects, so it is up to them. And I would say picking up a project midway is much more difficult, since you are less familiar with the characters and the previous translation style. Consistency with both are very important for producing a high-quality translation.

      • I personally agree with that logic of choice.

        I would however give a counter argument about scheduling to those who would take up a work. If it is too sporadic and not consistent then you will lose readers. It is good to give a heads up for a hiatus but make sure that when one goes on one they should give a return date and try to follow it outside of extenuating circumstances. Including but not limited to stuck in a foreign country, a death in the family, hospitalization, prison, prisoner of war, death, alien abduction, kaiju, WWIII, etc.

        It gets on my nerves when a person is unable to follow their own schedule. If you make it you should at least try to follow it not only for the faith of your readers but also yourself. And at least finish the volume before you leave. Let us finish that part of the story and have satisfaction. We can wait the for a novel release but to cut it off right in the middle before the good stuff is tantamount to torture.

        Ban me, don’t choose my option, draw and quarter me if you wish, but I just have to give this out there to those who will listen. I am not asking you to give to me but at least think far ahead enough that you can satisfy those who believe in you.

        This goes to all but please think about us as the readers. You don’t have to please us. You don’t even have to listen to me but if you do take my words into your heart know that there will be those who will chant your name in rejoice in accordance to your actions.

  4. Just an idea but you could probably take the recommended novels or ones of personal choice from those given and make a poll for what the readers want to be translated.

    You don’t have listen to me though.

  5. Hataraku Maou Sama!: Its been on the best selling list heaps of times and has an anime adaption but translations have been stalled for a while

  6. are you considering web novels?there are many good web novels that are free to veiw and read online that are not published.if you are considering web novels theres a really good site i could give some perticular recommondions but i would have to make sure it meets your age group first considering the translator has to translate it if your allowing webnovels maybe have him or her take a look?ill probaly give you a couple particular names after i research them a little more

  7. Please go and translate HENTAI OUJI , just the name is enough to make you drool… wait… you are already translating it ! well in that case then please take HAIYORE NYARUKO-SAN i have to say that this light novels borrows the characters from H.P Lovecraft Mythos and is effin both hilarious and ecchi

    Thanks For Your Hard Works Guys!! You Always Make My Day C:

  8. Accel world, pleasee !
    Please consider Accel World.
    Its a very good LN for read. There 16 volume now.
    Vol 1,2,3,4,5,8 already have pdf. But its okay if you want to start at vol 1 like usual.
    Please, please consider accel world.

      • All your translators located in Murica? Oh wait, not sure if it’s possible to block access to countries on anyway. Just ranting but those of us outside the US and A [sic] completely lose out when something is licensed there. And at Rest of the World (TM), nobody licenses anything or import any LN (translated or otherwise), we just lose out everything even existing translations before they even DMCA. Damn you Murica!

  9. You could translate Hataraku maou-sama, it is really fun and the plot is really interesting!! It is in Baka-tsuki but they are not uploading! T-T so if you want you could do it C:

  10. Guys? Would you take on translating/completing/continuing Shakugan no SHANA?

    I’ve been wanting to read it since like forever…

    I can’t really think of another novel to recommend though :c

    Still, thank you for your awesome work!!

    (Although i’d love you more if some of you could take on BL novels /is shot by the masses)

      • but imoutolicious does not consider it as a project more like a teaser so a fellow translator can pick it up. it also published in three languages: jap, chinese, and korean, so you know it is good. man it gets better per volume especially the betrayal stuff in vol 3

  11. Nanodesu could you check this one[technically i am using animesuki forum’s new japanese releases thread for this one…if their new one could you check it mostly i will get march-august release] ―Synthetic Lifeform Integration Research Neighborhood―)

    just check:
    まちがい英雄の異世界召喚 (富士見ファンタジア文庫)
    Masou Gakuen H×H[just joking on this one]

  12. Hatarakou Maou Sama please! I think its an awesome novel and should be considered aswell! thanks for your hard work 🙂

  13. I’d like to propose a few different titles than the classic fantasy/harem genere, here they are:

    Occultic;Nine, you can read the synopsis at;Nine

    another particolar novel is Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Humanity is in decline), some says is really particulare, and it has been translated only chapter 1 (

    Last but not least, Tokage no Ou by the same author and same artist of Denpa Onna ( you could also pick denpa onna but it’s not fantasy, more a particular slice of life.

  14. I want monogatari series!!!!!
    Good luck new translator!

    I know this won’t be TLed but still I want to see Maburaho. (30 volumes already not yet TLed !)

    or take this over from me :魔王っぽいの!

  15. Just one question, did you steal the last line from somewhere? It kinda seems familiar(no offence). 🙂

    But I totally agree with the rest of what you said as I underwent a similar thing after Wintermance left me(and several other Oregairu fans) hanging after he disappeared from here after a hiatus. It was only because of ND and now Frog that I’m able to enjoy Oregairu without any fear because of Frog-kun’s updates, which I wait for eagerly.

    Moral :
    One should choose his translators carefully.

  16. Is posible for an old one?
    I want to suggest Ben-To is a highschool comedy and action story. You can read the synopsis from MAL:

    Sato Yo is a high school boy who likes SEGA games. One day, he enters a grocery store to buy some food for dinner. When he tries to take a bento box, he loses consciousness. He comes around to find all the bento sold out. He notices there is a war game going on at grocery stores and players called “Wolves” compete for the half-priced bento. Yarizui Sen, the leader of the Half-Pricer Club, forces Yo to join the club and he enters the bento war.

  17. I recommend:

    The World of Sword and Dragon
    Japanese Title :聖剣と魔竜の世界
    Author :Kenji Saitou
    Illustrator :Kurogin
    Genre :Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem


  18. Does the recommendation still open??

    1. Kenkoku no Jungfrau —- 剣刻の銀乙女


    2. Bargant Han’eiyuudan —- バーガント反英雄譚


    3. Ginsen no Valkyria to Fuumon no Hime —- 銀閃の戦乙女と封門の姫


    4. Ignis no Meiyaku Kishi —- 赫竜王の盟約騎士

    竜を斬って強くなれ! 本格竜狩りファンタジー開幕。)

  19. I would love to see you guys pick up Strike the Blood. I know it’s a teaser right now on Baka-Tsuki, but the fact that it is there and not being updated is killing me! Honestly though, I am just thrilled to hear that this site is doing well enough to pick up another series.

  20. I’ll be honest that i will be biased and recommend Overlord (オーバーロード).7 volumes have been published so far. You can read a small portion of it at Imotoulicious, which doesn’t not consider it as a project for the lack of translator.

  21. can you pick up Psycho Love Comedy series it has been done upto volume 3 but there has been no new chapter or any update regarding the volumes after volume 3 and i would really like to read it to the end as when when i started reading this series i got completely hooked and read the three volumes in just 5 days and am waiting eagerly for the new chapters.
    The last update to the series was around 3 1/2 months ago i think

  22. Although it’s stated that the recommended series should lean towards action/scifi/fantasy genre, I couldn’t help but suggest Rakuin no Monshou (烙印の紋章). It’s an underrated series (in my honest opinion) and a challenging project to take on. I’m also aware that it’s been translated up to the second volume on BT. However, it’s been quite a while since the latest update. I hope NanoDesu would consider translating this completed series (12 volumes) in the future.

    The countries of Mephius and Garbera have been waging a war for ten years and are trying to put an end to this long fight through a political marriage between the two royal families. Orba, who was driven from his home because of the war and was forced to become a gladiator, looks exactly like the crown prince of Mephius, and it has been decided he will be substituting him during the wedding ceremony. On the other hand, Vileena, the princess of Garbera, has secretly decided to ensnare the crown prince for her own country’s interests.

    • Pleaaaaase translate The Most Irresponsible Man in Space. The anime is a major cliffhanger. Many ppl like me want to know what happens. As for the other people, they’re sure to grow addicted once they see how amazingly awesome it is.

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