Welcome to our two new admins!

Hooray for new staff! We’re proud to announce that two of our former editors have been promoted to admins within our group. Msirp will be our third project supervisor, while DudeLong will take over human resources (staff organization and hiring). If you ever wanted to join our group to help out, DudeLong will probably end up being your first point of contact.

Translation groups are way more than translators posting their work – an efficient team of admins is crucial to making sure that all the right gears are oiled and that everything is running smoothly. Without these dedicated staff members, it would be very difficult for us to continue providing you with the consistent, quality work we have come to be known for. And so, we look forward to seeing what they can do, and have great hopes that their addition to our administrative staff will allow our group to run more efficiently than ever.

As always, thanks to all our readers for their support! Yoroshiku~!

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One thought on “Welcome to our two new admins!

  1. Congrats on your promotion guys/gals?!
    Promoting msirp to admin is like giving galactus a desk job. You’ll be sorry right before he gets hungry ; V

    Anyway, good luck with doing stuff and being proactive.

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