Introducing the ND Forums “Members Only” section! With exclusive content!

Hi all,

NanoDesu here. I’m pleased to announce that we are opening a “Members Only” section of our forum ( Only registered members with at least 2 posts on the forum will be able to access this section.

We intend this to be a good place for active forum members to hang out. But also, to encourage discussion and participation (in this section and the forum at large), we will be occasionally posting some exclusive translation content there. These could be previews of unposted chapters, exclusive scanlations of doujinshi out of my personal collection, or anything else.

Currently, the extra content posted is:

(1) A preview of the (unedited) full version of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Volume 4, Chapter 4
(2) C->E Translations done by victorrama of another light novel series, Maou-ppoi no.
(3) Some scanned pages from Kuroneko Girl, a Kuroneko-centric Oreimo comedy doujinshi anthology.
(4) Some scanned pages from Nyanpassu, a C85 Non Non Biyori comedy doujinshi.

We hope that our forum will become a central location for people wanting to discuss our work or LNs in general and meet fellow fans! Don’t hesitate and GO CHECK IT OUT!

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