NanoDesu 22nd Project: Love☆You

We’re very pleased to open our 22nd project: Love☆You!

Love☆You (Light Novel)
Link to Translation

Current Status: Active
Head Translator: Lynx_lai

Novel Summary (from the back of the novel)
High school student Kanda Shun had always been incapable of imagining. Until one day, when he wished Princess Rosalie, resident heroine of the popular RPG game ‘Dragon Bless’ out into the real world! Havoc occurs as Princess Rosalie pries opened drawers, breaks vases and pots, and swings her a life-sized, ruby encrusted sword around at the first sign of danger. Furthermore, Rosalie declares, out of the blue, that Shun be her husband, and she would stop at nothing to bring him happiness. On top of that, Shun would have to deal with Nadeshiko, ruler and tyrant of his high school, as well as the over-affectionate and doting cousin, Mikoto!
How in the world was a guy to handle all of that?

This series has been long overdue for a translation, considering its first volume was published in 2006. And it has video games! And girls! What more could one ask for? For this project, we will be joined by a new translator, Lynx_lai. Please give her lots of support as she works hard to bring you this old-school slice-of-life romance adventure!

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10 thoughts on “NanoDesu 22nd Project: Love☆You

  1. I hope it’s finished(couldn’t find it in Wikipedia). will give the first few chapters a try, to see if it’s interesting or not.
    for some reason this reminds me of Ranma ½…

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