NanoDesu 23rd Project: Sky World

Our first new project of the new year, and it promises to be an exciting one!

Sky World (Light Novel)
Link to Translation

Current Status: Active
Head Translator: Aulis

Novel Summary (translated by Aulis): Sky World takes place in the eponymous world of the MMORPG, Sky World. One day, thousands of players woke up to find themselves in the world.

Junichiro Mikimori is one of these players who has now come to live in Sky World. The story begins with Junichiro on Altaria Island. There, he encounters an all-female guild and befriends two of its members. Together, they decide to leave Altaria Island and journey to the highest point of the world: Aion Island, in hopes of being able to find a way back to the real world.

Video-game themed series seem to be all the rage these days, don’t they? We here at ND seem to be picking up quite a few of these lately, and we’re very happy to bring you this newest addition to our series lineup. If you liked other series in this genre (think: SAO, Log Horizon, etc.), then I’m sure you’ll be very pleased with this novel series as well, so please go check it out!

This series will be brought to you by Aulis, our newest translator. Please don’t forget to take the time to say thanks to him as well for working hard to bring you this new content.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get reading!!

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7 thoughts on “NanoDesu 23rd Project: Sky World

  1. *snif snif*, *snif snif*
    Smells like a nice series to read.
    I’ll let myself kept posted for updates, as usual, I don’t really like waiting for the next chapter, so I’ll wait a while.
    Good luck people! Better yet, have fun!

  2. Never heard of this one, but as a Log Horizon fan (well, more of Mamare fan that happens to be an old hardcore gamer) I’ll give it a try. Thanks a bunch, guys!

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