New admins and translators!

Hi all, I’d like to introduce some major new additions to our team over the recent weeks.

First off, former editor Shingetsu has now taken the helm of our Henneko translation project. He will be picking up where Nurin left off, and has already posted part of Chapter 2. We extend a hearty congratulations to Shingetsu on his promotion, and look forward to seeing his project flourish.

We’d also like to welcome our new project supervisors, Hikaslap and Default Melody. After fierce competition in our recent supervisor recruitment call, these two came out on top. They have both already taken the reins of multiple projects, and will be providing a vital role in making sure our group remains organized and efficient. They will usually be working in the background, but if you ever see them around please remember to thank them for all their hard work!

Last, we’d like to bid farewell to Hantsuki, another supervisor who will be retiring. He was a motivated, effective supervisor, and we wish him the best of luck!

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2 thoughts on “New admins and translators!

  1. Thank you all for your hard work. And a pity Hantsuki had to leave, still, he did great work during his time here. Thank you very much. We look forward to more of your works.

  2. aww, nurin and han retired. Now i can’t ever make fun of either of them sigh.

    Thank you, shingetsu. Continuing someone else’s project can’t be easy. In the name of every henneko reader please accept our heart felt appreciation for your efforts 😀

    And grats on the promotion to supervisors, hika & default. ^_^ really happy for you.

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