NanoDesu 25th Project: Kure-nai

With this one, we’ve reached 25 Projects! This time, it’s Kure-nai, translated by Shingetsu!

Kure-nai (Light Novel)
Link to Translation

Current Status: Active
Head Translator: Shingetsu

Novel Summary (from Wikipedia): Sixteen-year-old Shinkurou Kurenai, a specialist in settling squabbles between people, is one day approached by his employer with the daughter of a powerful plutocratic family asking him to be her bodyguard.

After a six year gap and a great anime adaptation by Brain’s Base, volume five of Kurenai has finally been released, so what better time to take on this action-packed series as our new project? And, our former Henneko translator Shingetsu will be working hard to bring you this work. I could probably say more about it, but why spoil all the fun? Get to reading!

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11 thoughts on “NanoDesu 25th Project: Kure-nai

  1. Outside of the age of the female main character and a bit of the development between the male and female main characters, there is very little lolicon like material in the novel.

  2. I want to ask: how much content from the novel is in the manga? Because I finished the manga already so I want to know.

    • I have never read the manga but I think it may go until the second volume of the LN. Do not quote me on this though lol.

  3. The manga finished the novel storyline, there’s nothing new to see I guess. Still, novel is always > manga > anime…

  4. I just finished the anime, and I simply can’t bring myself to read the manga. I started to look into the light novel just now, and here I am. I am very thankful for what you guys are doing and in every way grateful. Please keep up the good work.

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