NanoDesu is transitioning to Machine Translation! (HAPPY APRIL FOOLS’ DAY!)


Hey all,

We have some very exciting news. After much consideration of current trends, we here at NDTL are proud to announce that to provide the fastest and most accurate service to our readers (and with no additional effort to boot), from now on all of our projects will be translated by old reliable machine translation. Research has shown (see: the seminal works of Professor Gene Roddenberry) that machines are just as capable as humans of processing language, and projections show that you should expect a phenomenal 24% increase in accuracy in our work, pushing our accuracy above the previously unsurpassed 100% limit.

For those of you who are still skeptical, don’t worry. We are also pleased to announce that after tireless collaboration with leading industry professionals, we have developed a proprietary machine translation software we will be using exclusively. Rest assured that unlike all pre-existing machine translators, this one actually works. We have opened our translator to open beta, so you can try it out yourself!

We look forward to implementation of these brilliant new tools for all projects (past present and future), and expect this to definitively launch our translation group into the 20th Century. We hope you look forward to it too!

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35 thoughts on “NanoDesu is transitioning to Machine Translation! (HAPPY APRIL FOOLS’ DAY!)

        • hmm, well that’s not really the case since, most of em don’t do a recheck to the words. faster doesn’t mean better if its not accurate. just like a sniper riffle and SMG fired at long long range. but i believe nanodesu translator also know this and doing their job accurately even if they use MTL. I hope so

          wait….. don’t tell me you are trolling out there . . . today . . . wait thats yesterday is April mop

  1. best translation ever “HELP THIS HENTAI IS TRYING TO MAKE ME SAY UNSPEAKABLE THINGS!” for the record it was not even a hentai damn it.

  2. Oh my God, this actually works! XD
    I loved the wait a year for part 1, the Ayumu picture, the I can’t read Korean and the editor thing to make it readable XD

    • This software’s awesome XD
      Also, I thought the white-haired guy in the pic was Accelerator until a few moments ago.

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