NanoDesu 26th Project: Aldnoah.Zero Extra!

Frog-kun is back, and with a brand new project to boot!

Aldnoah.Zero Extra (Light Novel and Manga)
Link to Translation

Head Translator: Frog-Kun


A series of extra material that delves into the backgrounds of the Aldnoah Zero characters. Intended to supplement the material in the anime.

This is the first time we’ve picked up material based off an anime, but with a blockbuster hit like Aldnoah.Zero, I’m sure there are many many people who are itching to find out more about what went on. I say “based off,” but this material is not a strict adapation of Aldnoah.Zero – rather, it is a collection of extra material related to many of the anime character backgrounds. And, not only will Frog-kun be translating the novel, but some of the supplementary manga as well! So, Aldnoah fans rejoice! The Aldnoah world just got a bit more colorful!

As always, be sure to thank the translator for his hard work. And also, for this project specifically, it’s recommended to have seen the anime or at least know the plot before diving in head-first.

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