A hint for our new project!

The official opening of our 27th project will happen sometime this weekend, but for those less patient, we offer a hint! Just solve the following equation and you’ll find the answer you’re looking for~~

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24 thoughts on “A hint for our new project!

  1. I believe this is a reincarnation story where the MC comes from a highly scientific world, and comes to a world of magic and becomes a magical painter that can bring his drawings into life in an OP way.

  2. Literal translation is: Exhibition Center + Cradle = A Painter.

    So, I guess; an artistic person who used to work in an exhibition site and was reincarnated or something similiar to that??

  3. mangaka reincarnated in medieval world working as roayal painter.
    Or an costructions/buildings engineer reincarnates .

  4. Some guy died got hit by a baseball and was reborn into a painting family in a different world and discovered he had magic and made his pictures come to life. Except that his paintings were so terrible that his creations became even more uglier.

    Was I close?

  5. I think the building represent Otaku in general so basically, the LN will be about an Otaku who dies and reincarnate (like Rudeus) and use his Otaku skill to make drawing.

    Now I don’t know if he is going to have any power or not, but that premise seem like this will be a slight-of-life story because I don’t see how painting a long can help him fight, unless he can make his drawing become human which lead to him drawing all of his companions (maybe)

  6. Is it Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata? Because they want to make a doujinshi+new circle to create the best galge, which they hope it will be a piece of art

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