Three additional hints about the previous hint.

Here are a few more hints.

(1) The previous hint has nothing to do with the novel’s plot.
(2) The building on the left is a very specific building, and was chosen very deliberately.
(3) The middle image is indeed of a crib, but there are also other words for cribs. Also, we drew a circle around it for a reason. In fact, the circle may or may not have to do with the building on the left.

Think outside the box!

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19 thoughts on “Three additional hints about the previous hint.

  1. What I know
    – It’s about doujinshi or Comiket
    – New founded doujinshi Circle?
    – I hope it’s Saekano but somehow I feel it’s not.

  2. For whatever reasons, when I saw that building, I was reminded of The Rolling Girls. But that’s definitely out of question as it’s not a light novel. :v

  3. I that is it in saenai kanojo there was an episode where they go there for Comiket(I might have spelled it wrong) and it is a story about dating sim making circle (in a way?).

  4. A light novel that is illustrated or has been illustrated in a doujin by an artist/circle called Cradle? I looked around for his/her/their site and the one that shows up first is egoistic lily… So saekano? Want to dig around more but I’m not proficient in moon runes.

  5. the circle can have the meaning of permited , in this case permited to have a stall , so it can be story about creating a doujinsh to comiket, dont know any ln with this plot

  6. Is it about a doujin circle for comiket? After all, a group of people that right doujin together is called a circle. Not sure if it’s true for things other than doujin though.

  7. If it isn’t Saekano (due to not being related to Comiket) I would guess either Genten Kaiki Walkers or Crocro Clock.

  8. I just love all this little puzzle. Not that I don’t actually able to figure it out though 😛

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