It’s a NDTL treasure hunt!

What’s our next project? The answer is there, but hidden in the ground. Equipped with a trusty shovel and a map, You set out to unearth the secret. Good luck!

NDTL Treasure Hunt Puzzle

Otherwise, expect the official announcement sometime this weekend! 🙂

PS: If you find the right answer, try not to post it here – give other people the chance to solve the puzzle too!

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15 thoughts on “It’s a NDTL treasure hunt!

  1. So…even if I solve it, how should I read the title of the Novel since you have no indication of where to read

  2. Ok, I give up, I’ve done both sides of the crossword, and I think I took the next step correctly, but after trying out a couple different variations, I have to admit I’m stumped. Either that, or my fifth or sixth assumption was correct and I’m just too skeptical to be right.

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