OreGaIru moved into the completed/up-to-date column!

Hi all,

With the completion of the Oregairu Vol 4 PDF+ePub last week, and because the later volumes are not being handled by Frog-kun or our group, we are proud to announce that Oregairu is only the second project to be moved into our group’s Completed/Up-to-Date project column! Frog-kun is already off on his next great adventure with the Aldnoah Zero extra novel, so be sure to go check that one out! But all of us at ND wish Frog-kun the heartiest of congratulations on this series completion and his fantastic work.

Congrats, Frog-kun!

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5 thoughts on “OreGaIru moved into the completed/up-to-date column!

  1. Shouldn’t it be in Inactive/Dropped section? New readers will likely mistake it as a series completed at four volumes. This decision confuses me.

    • The project was never dropped really – we took it as far as we reasonably could. There are plenty of clearly-displayed links on the project page to the rest of the translation, so this decision was the sensible one for us.

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