Announcing NANODESU CHINESE! Leadership and editor recruitment.

Hi, folks!

tl;dr: JOIN THE NEW NANODESU CHINESE! This is a recruitment post for a **translation group leader** and an editor for NDCN! Group leader application emails are due June 14, 2015. Scroll down to the job descriptions for more details.

This is the tentative beginning of NanoDesu Chinese, a broadening of scope for us after four years and twenty-eight projects. The focus of the new NanoDesu Chinese, or NDCN, will be exciting and generally unexplored territory: CHINESE-ORIGINAL NOVELS. The goal is that NDCN will evolve into its own independent sister site translating a whole new world of stories. With luck, it’ll become good and great and it will fill our hearts with joy and it will stand for the quality and reliability of translations that NanoDesu has always stood for.

We also hope in the future to offer Japanese->Chinese->English translations with NDCN, but because of the higher complexity of ensuring quality in that case, we are going to build some of the necessary quality control infrastructure first before moving in that direction.

For right now, though, we’re at the tippy tippy top of this iceberg and the NDCN team is made up of only three people. So, we’re tapping into the motivated members of our reader base to help grow the new Nanodesu Chinese, or NDCN, into the kickass group it is meant to be.

The very, very first thing we need, before all other staff, is a motivated leader to work side-by-side with the NDCN translators and admins of the sister group NDTL. We also need another editor or two to help support victorrama, currently the only translator working with NDCN, and who will be launching NDCN’s first project, My Girlfriend is a Magical Girl (我的女友是魔法少女, We are not accepting translator applications yet; once this thing gets off the ground though, more translators will be welcome! Keep your eyes peeled.

Keep reading if you would like to join NDCN, especially if you’ve ever fancied yourself the leader of a translation group! This could be your chance to help shape a new, exciting group from the ground up. For everyone else, please be sure to cheer us on!


The NDCN leader is expected to be an integral part of deciding the direction that this new translation group will take. He/she should be well-organized, have good communication skills, and be motivated to give back to the LN community by bringing great stories to the English-speaking world. The responsibility of this position is vast, and tasks involve but are definitely not limited to:

  • Staff recruitment and motivating current staff.
  • Establishment of group policy (quality standards? group hierarchy? etc.)
  • Making sure translators and other staff are given an optimal work environment.
  • Working with members of the Japanese NDTL to coordinate efforts.
  • Much, much more!

If you’re interested and think you have what it takes, just send us a simple email at to express interest in being the NDCN leader, with a short paragraph on why you want this position. To make sure you are considered, be sure to send us this email by next weekend, June 14. More application details will be sent to all email applicants once the deadline has passed.

(A final note: Please don’t think that you have to be a Fortune 500 CEO to apply for this position. We all started somewhere, and there are plenty of NDTL admins who will be supporting you with help and advice. Passion plays an important role here, so as long as you’re excited about being a big part of a worthy endeavor and giving back to the LN community, you should definitely consider throwing your hat into the ring.)


There is no real difference between NDCN editors and NDTL editors. For now, you can just fill out a NDTL editor application HERE and just indicate somewhere that you want to be assigned to NDCN. For part 3 of the application, please use this segment: We are looking for editors who can really improve the text stylistically, so don’t hold back!

-NanoDesu and hikaslap, two of your friendly neighborhood NDTL Admins

(hikaslap: comment spam nano and tell him to update oreimo sometime >=T)

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15 thoughts on “Announcing NANODESU CHINESE! Leadership and editor recruitment.

  1. i hope for nanodesu in korean
    because i want to read that novel that looks like infinite stratos with female protagonist
    but alas, my phone unable to read korean font ([][][][][][] korean font became black box :-()

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