ND Academy Application Period Closed

Hi all,

The ND Academy Application period has now closed, and we have entered into the application review phase. We received a staggering seventy-one applications from aspiring translators, and are overwhelmed by the great response from the LN community.

Those who applied will be receiving an email informing them of our decision in the upcoming weeks. Those who missed this application period, rest assured that if this program goes well, we will be running it again in the future. So be sure to submit an application then!


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3 thoughts on “ND Academy Application Period Closed

  1. Than you very much for the amazing opportunity to not only learn more Japanese, but for the chance to get involved in the LN community!

  2. I wonder how many current nano editors and non-translators applied, if any. I myself was tempted to try it out, but then the reality caught up and I remembered I know little to no Japanese (you know, subbed anime, japanese/half-japanese youtubers, few weeks of learning kanji under the desk in school)… But it’d be nice to know that when (read “if”) I improve, there will be somewhere to go look for further education. Japanese courses in my country are damn too expansive for a normal person, let alone a student… (yeah, I’m implying students aren’t normal people)

    Nevertheless, it’s pretty courageous of NDT to do this, if you ask me. I’m very curious how this will turn out. Good luck.

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