Hint for our next project opening.

Right on time, here is the hint for the identity of our next project! Who will figure it out this time?

By the way, if you do solve the puzzle (which some people already have), please don’t post the answer in a comment!


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17 thoughts on “Hint for our next project opening.

  1. First time I actually understood the secret hint, if I’m correct though, then it’s one that I was looking forward for a translation, because the premise was pretty cool.

  2. I solved the clues but I can’t pinpoint the project from it. Does it have something to do with the title of the project? Or is it something else?

  3. Tell me it’s not a dream! I had been waiting for this project to get on track after so much time!

    This makes me even more happy than when I knew there were plans to turn this into an anime. Yahoo!

    PS. First time I manage to decrypt one of your new project hints.

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