New Project Opening coming soon! Here’s a hint.

Hey all,

NDTL will be opening another project this week. Hooray! As usual, for those who want to get a jump on this, we’ve written a cute little puzzle for you to solve. For those of you who rather wait, we’ll be unveiling this project on Saturday!

Here is the hint:

You can also download a copy here. As usual, if you solve this puzzle early, don’t post the solution in the comments!

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16 thoughts on “New Project Opening coming soon! Here’s a hint.

  1. Wow, didn’t expect that novel to be picked up. Will you start from scratch or did you actually manage to convince the previous translator to continue?

  2. I really wish that instead of taking a lot of new projects ND focused on those already taken, like Kurenai and Re:Zero that are really slow.

    • As we’ve said before, we do not force translators to work on any particular project. They are spending countless grueling hours of their time for the sake of their projects, so it’s not unreasonable to give them the freedom to work on a project they really want to work on.

      • “Editor – DudeLong

        …Where am I?
        Oh god. NanoDesu caught me.

        Please, you have to hear me out! My name is DudeLong, you can call me DL for short. What I thought was going to be a great experience editing for NanoDesu translations turned out to be an elaborate trap. All that affection towards manga and light novels you may carry is just a carefully fostered web laid out by Nano to ensnare newcomers and bring them into his harem of lolis. You see, Nano knows how to play to your weaknesses. He caught me by opening an editing position for one of my favorite novels, “No Game, No Life.” No matter what happens, don’t be fooled by this group.

        I may not be able to save myself anymore, but at the very least I can—

        Wait, no! Nano, sto—

        My name is DudeLong. I like videogames, otaku culture, and ponies. Everything is very happy and sparkly. I love everything in my life, including NanoDesu. Nothing is wrong at all.
        sparklyandasdsparklysparkly. I love everything, including Nano. Nothing terrible is going on at all.”

        Then what about the editors and in particular this guy^

        Down with your lies NANO!

  3. Well consider me stumped. I got the holidays, got them in chronological order, but I can’t figure out where to go from there.

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