PUZZLE: Project Thirty-Five, opening on Sunday!

Hi, peoples! Another one from the ND Academy line, here comes Nano Desu TL’s thirty fifth project. Try solving the puzzle for an early idea!

I (that is, hikaslap) wrote this puzzle this time, instead of mr. boss nano. I hope you like it! Here it is:

hikaslap is one lazy hikaslap, who only likes to hikaslap. he’s a very binary guy; everything else means zero to him, while he is number one. help him solve the cipher in lines 1 through 6 and learn his lesson!

1. Yesterday, hikaslap was falling asleep. Then hikaslap dreamt.
2. What hikaslap dreamt was hikaslap’s girlfriend, “female hikaslap”.
3. “Female hikaslap” told him to “never hikaslap again”.
4. Female hikaslap punctuated it, hikaslapping hikaslap very forcefully.
5. Then hikaslap woke up. “hikaslap, don’t ever hikaslap”…
6. For hikaslap, those words were everything. Goodnight, hikaslap!


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10 thoughts on “PUZZLE: Project Thirty-Five, opening on Sunday!

  1. This one was easier than the last one. Still, it may not be the one I’m thinking of, since the answer I got is a tad unspecific.

  2. A puzzle that I (maybe) managed to solve…
    This is the eighth sign of Ragnarok.

    Although I don’t think I got the correct answer in the Ragnarok puzzle so maybe it isn’t something to worry about?

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