Another new project opens this weekend! Here’s the new project puzzle.

Solve the puzzle and get the right to see it early (as well as infinity bragging rights).


CODE: First Letters (x if undefined)

But don’t take this zombie lightly.

On the pamphlet that was slightly more slender than a textbook, the words “Exploration Club Guide” were written with a background depicting a wild and natural landscape on top of a smooth and sleek cover.

“One of us is an imposter. And they’re not trying to come forward. So if they’re not an enemy then what the hell are they? If there is another reason, I want someone to tell me, meow.”

K-chak—it made a noise as she loaded the cartridge in. At the same time, the spring mechanism’s “spell drum” made a clear crackling sound, and began to rotate.

Could it be that this girl is blind?

“Oh, and I’m also your big sister.” She pointed at me with a flourish. “Mm, yeah, I guess.” This should go without saying, but Kusaoka Amane and Kusaoka Haruma are siblings bound by blood, and for whatever reason they also go to the same school and have a teacher-student relationship.

“…D-d-don’t mess… don’t…” Haruhiro stood up abruptly, and he felt blood rush to his head.

Eriri stood there, her blonde hair glowing with an aura of radiance in the sunlight.


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15 thoughts on “Another new project opens this weekend! Here’s the new project puzzle.

  1. driving me crazy… I dont know what novel is the 4th and 5th clue
    and furthermore I dont understand the 4th number if it is for 4th letter, 4th word, 4th line, 4or 4th stanza or something whew

  2. ??? my comments are nowhere to e seen… ???
    well anyway about my first comment, I meant I dont understand the 4th number, if its for nth letter, nth word, nth line, nth stanza or something

  3. After doing some labour I conclude it have something like m******n in it.. as for the title I have 2 titles in mind but let’s wait till announcement, not that I confident about my answer anyway..

    • I didn’t know I can insert the name I got to go to the site, Ah, so much for guessing the titles with the m******n in it.. Well yeah, I know now the title for this novel.. Hm, I saw the rating it have in myanimelist and it’s quite high for this novel so I expect something from this novel…

  4. There are some things that confuse me. The first would be that the URL has ten blank space while there’s only 8 quotes (and each quote has 4 code letters). The second is that “H2” (it should be either a number or an x). The third is that I can’t manage to get a proper word from the quotes, while at least one title has not enough letters (and it also wouldn’t be “first letters” if they were taken from them).

    • Finally found it. Checked the title. Unless I get a bit more of info from the summary, I can’t really decide if I’ll read it.

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