New project opening this weekend! (+ project puzzle)

Our fourth and final NDAcademy project will be opening this weekend! As always, here’s the puzzle for it for people who are interested in finding out the project title early.

Nice story ideas! But now tell me what comes after this.

– Casper was always a friendly ghost, and others knew this. “Boo!” he would yell, but he wouldn’t frighten anybody. But then what was the point of being a ghost if you couldn’t scare anybody? Feeling more and more despondent, Casper goes to see the Wicked Witch of the mountain, in search for a way to become the scariest ghost who ever existed.

– Ever since the biking accident, Carl hasn’t been the same. He grew sluggish, often deciding to lie in bed instead of going out with his friends. “I’d go and play with you guys but this knee of mine… it’s still… ugh, just let me stay inside,” would be the same, tired excuse he would give. His friends grew worried, and decided to throw him a surprise party, in the hope that it would lift his spirits and bring him back to his old self.

– “This me is the only me you’re gonna get!” Sarah stood defiantly in front of the audition committee with her arms crossed. They could criticize her all they wanted, but nobody would tell her to change her script. She had poured her entire soul into writing that story, and if they didn’t like it as is she wasn’t about to kowtow to their whims. No, she wouldn’t deal with them anymore. It was time to take things into her own hands.

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