NanoDesu Project 37 – Bu ni Mi wo Sasagete Hyaku to Yonen…

Hey guys, it’s hikaslap, WOW we have so many projects, I almost feel bad. How is everyone going to read them all? This new one is about martial arts, love, and confusion! That’s never been anything but a winning formula in my experience.

Say hello to this ridiculously long title: Bu ni Mi wo Sasagete Hyaku to Yonen. Elf de Yarinaosu Musha Shugyou! Translating to “The tale of a man devoted to Martial Arts for a hundred years and died, only to be reincarnated as an elf.” Let’s watch the trailer!


Slava is an old man. On the verge of death, he has only two regrets; not perfecting his Martial Arts that had been passed down by his Master, and leaving his adopted daughter, as well as disciple, the Elf Alma, alone. His two dying wishes that he makes to her are that she take the hidden scroll of the school and learn its secrets, and that she would love, have a family, and be happy in his stead.

But Slava is reborn as an Elf, and with the same first name too! Being told that he was named after the only master of “Alma-sama”, it appears that some time had passed and his adopted daughter had become a very important person!

 – Summary from

We are just rolling in projects lately, but that’s because of our wonderful ND Academy, which has been so far a success! I think. I don’t have a bird’s eye view of the whole thing, but they seem to be doing well, and we now have four new interesting projects to our name, which is nothing to sniff at.

However, with this final one, I suppose the momentum will die down until we decide to open NDA again (we had a LOT of applicants last time). Here’s a story that could go in any direction, from poignant to hilarious to absolutely ridiculous. Won’t know until more is translated!

Nanodesuyo wrote a funny puzzle for this project, this time. The solution is to take the directions literally, “tell me what comes after this”. After the word “this” in each paragraph, you find “boo”, “knee”, “me”. Which would you would then have to transcribe in Japanese as Bu Ni Mi!


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17 thoughts on “NanoDesu Project 37 – Bu ni Mi wo Sasagete Hyaku to Yonen…

    • Well, they haven’t gone very far yet, so we feel it’s okay, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having multiple translations besides.

    • This seems to be a recurring mistake for many series.

      There’s this site called Syosetsuka ni Narou! (let’s become a novelist!) where people can upload stories they write. These are called “webnovels” (WN).
      Publishing companies often search among the most popular ones some that fit in their brands, contact the authors and, if successful, they become light novels (LN).
      The thing is, why buy the LN when you can read it for free? To support the author? The author shouldn’t be searching profit if, in the first place, they made it open to the public. For the nice illustrations? A bit weak. Then, why? Because the author tweaks the LN version to be different.

      Some examples:
      -Tate no Yuusha starts with tiny differences (like the moment he completely unlocks the Balloon Shield) to become a very different work in the middle (like the original Hero of the Book and the original Hero of the Katana making appearances and greatly affecting the plot).
      -Mushoku Tensei mostly offers side stories (there are some tweaks, but they are lesser for now), including a full volume on a blank period (volume 7).
      -Death March has suffered a complete makeover, with only the important characters and the relationships between them being mostly untouched.

      The work the other translator is working on is the WN (there’s also the prologue of the LN, but that was something the former translator did on a whim). This one is the LN version. I personally am looking forward to enjoy the differences.

      • Forgot one important example:
        -Overlord. The WN version lacks most of the floor guardians, including Demiurgue, Mare and Albedo (the only ones that were originally there were Aura, Cocytus and Shalltear). This greatly changes the fate of several other characters, like Arche (she was killed and had her body butchered and the parts send to different dwellers of Nazarick in the LN while in the WN she was spared and became Shalltear’s masochistic sex slave and Ainz’s etiquette instructor).

  1. i think people got mistaken here .
    The one you guys translating is the LN version , right ?
    while the one Raltzero doing is the WN version .
    in my opinion , LN and WN have WAY TOO MANY DIFFERENCIES , just like what stated above .
    So …it’s a win-win i guess ? you can read both , the raw gem (GN) and the already fined gem (LN) at the same time 😀

  2. the thing i’m going to say is already been said by jorgelotr so u can ignore it , i just want to do it , that’s all.
    i think some ppl got mistaken here.
    The one they mentioned being translated is the WN version (as the person himself had already stated it in his blog)
    while the one being translated here is the LN version .

    And in my opinion, this is a win-win situation , i mean we can read both , the RAW GEM and the REFINED ONE at the same time , while the quality differs it's not something to be sad about . i agree with jorge , i too am personally looking forward to enjoy the differences.

  3. i am personally glad, really into this series, but inconsistent translations and slow progress, hopefully this is released more frequently than theres though their seems to be conflicting baka pages

  4. well it is great that someone finally eyed this, hopefully he wud kindly give us regular releases….*bows*

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