PUZZLE: Project Thirty-Eight, opening on Sunday!

It’s me! hikaslap! your friendly neighborhood coolkid!

And have I got a puzzle for you!

Well, nanodesu still has criticisms about my puzzle writing, but I’m working on it! Check out the puzzle here!


One thing to mention is that the solution to the puzzle isn’t the full name of the light novel. Once you get the solution, add “hime” to the end, and you should be able to find it easily.


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7 thoughts on “PUZZLE: Project Thirty-Eight, opening on Sunday!

    • yeah, i know, right?!

      my puzzles aren’t as good as nano’s, sadly, so i’m sorry if you were looking for somehting better =T

    • I went to take a look on the series at lndb.info to see if I recognized the author, but what I found is that somehow it misses information on the majority of the series.

  1. Stop being so obvious, hikaslap. Seemingly boring with a sense of intrigue. Good thing it’s already complete. Is anyone else translating this? Also, put up the page already; I wanna see a page with a banner.

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