Short light novel survey for a friend

Hey all,

A (RL) friend of mine is doing some research into light novels, and knowing my………. hobbies………. he asked me if I could help him out. He made a really short survey that should take only a few minutes, so if you all have any time could you just click on the link and fill it out for him?

Light Novel Survey (link)

Thanks! Sorry for the random weird request.

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7 thoughts on “Short light novel survey for a friend

    • This is a very good survey, I hope that this would bring good impact towards the English translated LN industry especially to the availability towards other countries..

      • I agree i liked how the survey was set up, it was made in a way that could easily gather rests with a whole range of different ways to answer. As i am from the U.S im not entirely sure how the LN industry is for other countries, though I can’t imagine its good, i agree that we need more of a variety.

        • Indeed, the LN industry on other countries isn’t that good. Such as our case here in PH, the availability of the English translated LN throught the country is so sparse that we really had no choice but to rely on on international shipping in which the shipping costs way expensive than the LN itself if your just buying let’s say less than 5 volumes for a bulk.

  1. Done.

    But frankly, the questions are pretty weird. They swing between the financial analysis and the personal preference a lot.

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