ND Academy 2: Applications now open!


At long last, applications for the 2nd intake of NanoDesu Academy are finally open! Interested in starting a translation project, but unsure about your own abilities? Want to improve your Japanese? If so, read on!

We are looking for motivated applicants who have the commitment to persevere through out program. Motivation here is much more important than Japanese experience. However, since we do not have the resources to train people from scratch, we do require some basic experience with Japanese and English. If you have roughly the equivalent of a year of Japanese classes, you may be a good fit for this program. Or, if you have the following basic requirements:

– Basic Japanese grammar (preferably around JLPT N4), including an understanding of particles, types of adjectives and verbs, including the te- form, -masu form and -nai forms.
– Basic understanding of Japanese-language specifics such as honorofics, greetings etc.
– Proficiency in hiragana, katakana, and at least 100-200 kanji.
– A good command of the English language.

Students who enroll in ND Academy will participate in a basic training course which focuses on theory and practice in a controlled environment. Upon completion, students may be offered a full translator’s position at NDTL. Either way, we expect all students to end up learning a lot about Japanese.

Because the classes and mentoring will take place in IRC, we require all students to be able to actively sign into the ND Academy IRC channel on a DAILY basis. Please DO NOT apply to join ND Academy if you do not think you can do so. We will not hesitate to expel students who play truant either.

THE APPLICATION FOR ND ACADEMY IS NOW LIVE AND CAN BE ACCESSED HERE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1IwLiD-ZkQT8C8QtlcDxCIHMw1V5YL1QFaaRxdRsyN_Y/viewform

We will administer a SHORT test to gauge your proficiency and assess your suitability for our program.

Kindly note that application closes on May 15th, 2359 hours.

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10 thoughts on “ND Academy 2: Applications now open!

    • Shortlisted applicants will be mentored through IRC. Once the staff have deemed that the students are ready (usually about 2 months), they will be given the opportunity to take on their own translation project.

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