NanoDesu Translations 40th Project: Tokyo Ikai no Barista

Hooray for new projects! Mr_Fwishayyy (our former Re:Zero translator) and NDTL is proud to present our translation project for Tokyo Ikai no Barista!

Tokyo Ikai no Barista (Light Novel)
Link to Translation

Head Translator: Mr_Fwishayyy

Novel Summary (from MAL): “Help me find my brother Chris. You can help solve anything can’t you?”

Toushirou is a barista working in Tokyo, which has been isolated after it transformed into another realm. One day a mysterious girl who looks exactly like his first love Fleu, who he had been searching continuously for, appears in front of him. However, perhaps because of the fact that she lost her memories, she claims to be Flika, and completely unlike Fleu, has an extremely free spirited personality!?

As someone who also takes up odd jobs, he accepted the request to look for Chris, but in the process discovers the truth behind the identity of the young girl and the Other World.

In order to take back what this young man lost and to retrieve the young girl’s lost memories, the two head towards the center of the Other World!

The Other World, Bar Fantasy begins!!!

The full prologue and a part of the first chapter are already posted. Please go take a look! And be sure to thank the translator for his hard work when you get a chance.

As for the puzzle, solution was to use the NATO alphabet (the passage was chock full of words from that alphabet, so that should’ve clued you in). The pictures up top spell out TINYURL (tango india november yankee uniform romeo lima) and the order in which NATO alphabet words appear in the paragraph of text tells you the tinyurl key. Congrats to those who figured this out!

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