New Project Poll! Up to 4 new projects will open!

Hey all,

7/20 update: So, while it’s nice that we’re getting a lot of votes for Violet Evergarden, I don’t think raws of this novel exist anywhere…

With our second class at ND Academy settling in, it’s getting around to the time when they have to pick their final projects. As last year, we are opening a poll to take reader suggestions.

DISCLAIMER: Note that the NDA students are not bound to pick the top four choices in this poll, or any option on this poll at all. This is purely a poll to show students what kinds of series are popular. Note also that NDA final projects may not turn into ND full translation projects. Last year, two of the top five choices in the poll were picked (although one of those NDA projects never lasted to become a full TL project).

Here are the rules of the poll (PLEASE READ BEFORE VOTING):

(0) This poll will close in a week, on 7/25/16.

(1) Only one vote per person. If we suspect any shenanigans we might end up penalizing or even entirely deleting a poll option, so please be careful.

(2) You can also write in series if none of the series on the poll make you happy. Please note it might take us a few hours to check and add write-in answers to the poll. ALSO PLEASE WRITE THE FULL JAPANESE NAME OF THE NOVEL, WITH FIRST LETTERS CAPITALIZED. So Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi rather than kamisama no inai nichiyoubi. This way everything is standardized. We will not add options that are formatted incorrectly. Also, web novels are allowed. However, if you suggest a web novel, put a (WN) in parentheses after the title so we can distinguish.

(3) Japanese series only.

(4) No series with R18 content.

(5) No series that have been licensed or have active Japanese-to-English translations that have already completed at least one volume.Happy voting!

We also encourage you to write in a comment explaining why you voted for any particular series. Sometimes seeing actual reasons is much more effective than just seeing a number on a popularity poll.

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87 thoughts on “New Project Poll! Up to 4 new projects will open!

  1. I would like to see the Monogatari series being translated. It’s a shame that we only get to pick one, be cause that list is pure gold

    • vertical is going to release the monogatari series
      they already started with kizu last year in december and bake will follow splittet in 3 books in |dec – jan – feb| and the next book starts with the next month and so on

  2. I vote for Sekai Owari Encore.

    The story is good (kinda average cuz I read volume 1 on BT and IINM last update is 1 year ago)

    honestly author battle scene is a letdown and harem tag is kinda turn off for me.

    but MC character building is a good plus side for this novel since he improve himself overtime.

    Just my opinion based on vol 1

  3. Well, I’d really like to recommend Senketsu no Elf(Only two volumes), Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou, and Phenomeno, Boggiepop Series and Mokushiroku Arisu or probably Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi. BTW, I think Tsurugi is pretty good, same with Arifureta(if looked at another perspective). Well, I’ll go with Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou

  4. Submitting something that has a few chapters translated w/no guaranteed updates is fine right? (Yuusha has the first two chapters translated, but the translator has since decided to dedicate more time to regularly updating their other project)

      • Alright… though in hindsight, I probably should’ve read a bit more closely, my bad. Though I’d be curious to know what constitutes one novel for web novels. Maybe ten chapters? The first arc? I suppose it depends on the story, but ah well. Little enough has been translated it probably doesn’t matter all that much.

        … on another note, I don’t want to bug you with another post, but would Frog-kun’s translation of Qualidea of Scum and Gold Coin be considered ‘complete’ since it’s fully translated? Though I guess you could put the other Qualidea works under the same mantle, for now it appears that that translation is standalone, and in that context, Qualidea of Scum and Gold Coin is complete. Just something to think about, I guess. Could be argued both ways.

  5. Wait, why do you have Rakudai Kishi among the options, if there is already a group translating it?

    And I’m pretty sure there is another group who wants to translate Ryuugajou Nanana (And it’s already translating Outbreak Company, but it only have two chapters released). Maybe you two should form a team.

  6. One thing: Magdala de Nemure is still (to my knowledge) being actively translated by hellping, who has already completed two novels thus far.

    For those who don’t know (nice series so I’ll give a horrible summary), Magdala de Nemure is a series by the same author as Spice and Wolf, in a medieval-esque setting where the main character is an alchemist. Similarly, one of the female leads has anthropomorphic features in Magdala de Nemure, though from what I’ve read of the first two books, the story does feel rather weak compared to Spice and Wolf. Eight volumes are out so far, maybe more, but as stated above, only two have been fully translated to anglais. You can find it on hellping or bakatsuki, and though it doesn’t match up to Spice and Wolf (in my opinion), it did make for a good read.

  7. This kind of poll should allow voting for multiple options or it will force people to vote strategically and not for what they really want translated. ;(

  8. (5) No series that have been licensed or have active Japanese-to-English translations that have already completed at least one volume.Happy voting!
    If there have been more than one volume that have been translated, but the project has been inactive for years, would that make it elligible?

  9. “F-Rank no Bouken” is written by Eiji Mikage, who is known for his popular light novel, “Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria.” His writing is praised by many critics, and his writing style is very unique. He leaves readers on the edge of their seats, and nobody gets disappointed with whatever he gives. Fans of his work are sadly disheartened that “F-Rank no Bouken” has not been translated yet after all this time, and I believe it should deserve some attention.

  10. After seeing the trailer for the anime project, decided to write in Violet Evergarden as my vote, seemed really incredible and is also the only winner of the KyoAni Writing contest. Wish I could’ve voted for more than one, would’ve loved to see Katanagatari and Nanana as well.

  11. Tenkyou no Alderamin – Nejimaki Seirei Senki is being translated. I’m mainly pointing this out so the person actually in the process of translating it doesn’t feel slighted in some way. I got your back and keep up the good work Mr. Helidwarf.

    I voted for Iriya no Sora, Ufo no Natsu. The site has already started the translation. Further, the series is relatively short at 4 volumes, so a translator can feel they at least have a shot at translating the whole series before they actually die. Lastly, it’s often regarded as the best LN series ever written.

  12. I wonder if the poll could be changed for the next poll to a multiple-choice one. Like, I feel like I want to read several of them and have no interest in others so maybe it would be a better representation of what people wants.

    Well, that’s just what I think, in the end any translation is welcome I guess XD

  13. Wow, the results on this poll are surprising, looking down the list there’s nothing that even remotely interests me until it gets down to the 3% vote of Rain, and Knight and Magic (which I voted for) is below 2%. (disclaimer: could not find an elven blood summary because google gives too many other results for that title)

  14. I vote for Elven Blood. It was a tragedy that it was dropped after Volume 1 just because the translator didn’t like how dark it was, despite translating another work to near completion that is almost just as dark or worse. Its a great work which I want to see again.

  15. Usotsuki Mii-kun to Kowareta Maa-chan for sure. I’d like to see a dark, murder and romance, slice of life or with realistic elements and real terminologies, well only to certain degree but the only dark slice of life on the list. It’s worth trying something new compared to what is commonly translated. My other choices would be Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou, I appreciate it if someone could vote for that one. It is also unique and I think the translator who would buy the LN would be pleased by the visuals, really enchanting.

  16. I wrote in Gamers! it is written by Sekina Aoi who wrote the Seitokai no Ichizon series. It’s an on-going series under the Fujimi Fantasia Bunko label with 5 volumes out currently. It was also ranked 4th in the top 10 rankings for Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi 2016 last year under New Works category. You can expect a similar style of comedy and light hearted fun in Gamers! like that of Seitokai no Ichizon and, well, gamers!

    For those who want their Seitokai no Ichizon itch or something in the general genre, give Gamers! a shot!

  17. There’s too many good option there. Usotsuki Mii-kun to Kowareta Maa-chan, Itsuka Sekai wo Sukū Tame ni: Qualidea Code, monogatari, dll. But since they already have other adaptation, the one that I wish will be translated is Demon Girl- ” Tale of a Lax Demon”. It has the right combination of moe, action, romance, and thrill. The previous translator stop translating it since they can’t really convey the story, and believe more experienced translator should be the one to translate it.

    Summary: She had a dream: the world was brimming with light. Family. School. Friends. Trains. Busses. Movies. Books. In that world of light, she grew into adulthood…and at the very end, in a white room, she fell into darkness. She awoke from the dream to find that she had become a lesser demon. In the demon world, she lives a carefree life until she encounters a powerful being.

    After such a long time spent living as a demon, before she knew it, spreading in her heart was a yearning for that world of light. She plunged herself into a summoning magic circle that had appeared. Then…when she opened her eyes once again, she had become a human baby. She was in the Holy Kingdom. She felt fearful: while she was indeed a demon, she only had the strength of a baby. Her being a demon, if discovered, would be terrible. Was she a human or demon? Would she be able to survive from here on out?

    Link to NU page:

  18. Huh, why is Rakuin and Rakudai Kishi there? Both of those are active projects. Both have way more than one volume translated…..

  19. I haven’t read it myself but I voted for Yuusha, Aruiwa Bakemono to Yobareta Shoujo. I read up a short and vague synopsis of it and it sounds like a fallen hero story, with a female protagonist even. I don’t know any of the specifics, but I am completely and totally into that kind of narrative.

    What people see in Phantom World I’ll never understand. KyoAni is the only reason that show even had a fanbase as far as I’m concerned.

    • Cause some of us enjoy it.I don’t understand why you’re here if you’re just gonna shit on other people’s taste.

  20. First of all I would like to thanks all of the “nanodesu” translators. Regarding the new poll I would suggest instead of new projects to prioritize old projects with rare/no updates (Fuyuu/Gekka/GjBu etc).

    Some stats:
    13 series with only one volume translated (some are active for a couple of years)
    9 pending series
    Some of the most active projects were dropped (licensed/dmca)

    In my point of view since it’s extremely difficult for a fan translator to keep up with the author’s releasing pace it would be better to focus either on some old projects or titles with just one or two volumes.

  21. Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi.

    “This story tells the life of two people, a noble only in name and a older wife from the army, married on a tentative agreement. In the bone-chilling cold, they spend their time hunting, gutting, and cooking by the fireplace. Their daily life passes peacefully. This is the warm love story recounting their daily lives”

    For the love of all that is holy this one needs more translation love. If you spend some time browsing forums and anime/LN/manga related forums you will see a common complaints about harems, cardboard cutout haremettes, little to no real character or romantic development and milquetoast protags. So far this story avoids all of that. It’s a legit slow building romance (with a single female love interest) with actual character and relationship development. The male protag isn’t a herbivore male otaku nor is he some dark and edgy teenager.

    It’s slice of life elements explore the lifestyle and culture of semi-nomadic reindeer herding people (basically the real life sami). There are no adventurer guilds and silly rankings. No lvls or game like elements. No cheats. Comicaly evil and incompetent nobles? None in sight. You want a constant stream of new harem members and little to no real romance. Best move on. This is just a nice and refreshing slice of life romance.

  22. Is “10 nen goshi no HikiNiito o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta” going to be the LN version, since WN is being actively translated.
    Still, people in the middle ages were lucky to live without having to think about choices. Look at all this, so much to choose from, and only 1 vote.

  23. Argh! So many good series! Why can’t we have multiple votes! Have to choose between Youjo Senki, Yuusha Aruiwa Bakemono and Tenkyou no Alderamin! Personally, voting for Tenkyou since there isn’t an axtive translation for that. I love novels with military and political intrigue and Tenkyou delivers a good story with nice characters and settings!

  24. seriously why musaigen no phantom?? that makes no sense
    the first thing that came to find was Konjiki no Wordmaster (WN)
    hope that one gets a stable translator soon

    • If one of our students picks this series to translate then we will review the facts and act accordingly, but for now there are too many series for us to check everyone. Please note that a series just being picked up by another group does not disqualify it from this poll – there are other criteria as well.

  25. Musaigen no Phantom World anime series had left me with a gap in the history that I want extremely to be filled from where the powers of Haruhiko come from to why were those sealed, the background of the team mates of him, etc. things that I know (or at least hope) are included in the LN version

  26. The most voted four series at the top are seriously bunch of retarded novel with no story, please don’t translate those loser. Are reader these days seriously love those harem garbages? *SIGH*
    On a side note, underrated series like gamers!, rakuin no monshou and others need moar loves!!!

  27. Why?! There were so good series… I had problems coming up with one. I voted for Inou Battle since I saw the anime and it has an interesting plot. Besides, it finshed with such an open ending that made me wanting to know what happened next.

  28. Isekai tensei no soudouki is a good novel the story is about a noble born with three souls his own baby soul and 2 reincarnated souls of modern high school student and a general from edo era the interacrion between the three and how thing will turn out when the other souls try to act and how they will affect the life of the new born soul

  29. I would like you translate Musaigen no Phantom World because the story, since vol2 (where anime ended) changes totally (well, just what i have read in forums), and because i have searched about that and i haven’t found any transtale of that LN, it seems no other english translator have taked this project.

  30. Come on Staffs and MagicalGF readers(If any), help me convince the boss to slap ND-Gakuen students to pick up Seizon :D.
    On a side note, reviving Gekka is also a good choice.
    Shippai Kinshi, Jinrui and Kenshin are also solid(classic) picks.

  31. Voted for a LN not in the list, Tokyo Inroaded. Though it was hard to decide between this and Alderamin.

    Why is only the WN for Yuusha an option when there is the LN?

  32. I’ll have to vote for Dai Eiyuu ga Mushoku de Nani ga Warui because 1 grimgal vn is not enough. I think the light hearted nature of the ln might complement well with the darker main story. Hope there are other grimgal readers that would vote for this too

  33. Torn between Magala de Nemure (what i voted) and Tenkyou no Alderamin… gaaaaaaaawr… these are still short series(less than 10vols;
    also some of magdala are already translated but dropped(?);
    I think some of alderamin is translated as well;
    *making me feel like these series are not eligible for the poll*)
    so completion of current available volumes are more feasible..
    alright i did my best… please choose what you guys truly want to translate…
    thanks for all your hard work!

    PS: if you guys are willing to do VNs.. please do Aiyoku no Eustia! Anyone?! PLEASE!!


  34. First of all, thanks ND for making this poll and picking a new project. I am really grateful, so i Vote for ElvenBlood. This LN might be the darkest and most tragic story i ever read. However, despite the stress and sad, you will learn about a true love and twisted epic tale that you cant find at other LN. I hope everyone that have read the vol 1, will have have the same opinion as me. Many thanks for ND and the translators.

  35. Even if it is one of the top choices, I think that picking up Violet Evergarden would not be a wise choice. With it’s anime coming out in the next season or so, the amount of chapters that would be possibly translated before it is inevitably licensed would be very little, two volumes at most. No translator wants their work going off the site so soon. Other that that, no raws proves to be another problem.

  36. I abstain cause I know nothing about (almost) all the choices.

    That said, its disappointing how people are blatantly filling in some choices that have zero chance of winning. (“Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?”? Seriously? If you exclude the “extra” chapters, the first 200+ chapters of the web novel literally consists entirely of the main character talking to herself, RPG character sheet reviewing and fighting/curb stomping generic monsters.)

  37. Just throwing this out there. Youjo Senki is incredibly difficult to translate and would probably not be suitable for a new translator to pick up.

  38. I voted for Gamers! The reason is simple: “Just want to read and ROFL” :3
    It’s kind of Sol/School Life story, so i think it’s a good chance to practice transtating JP for nano newcomer without hacking their brain lol

  39. Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari, sekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou and Saihate no Paladin seems to be my favorite picks out of these. always been gunning for Mismarca and hoping but have lost hope after all these years 😦

  40. I think you shoud pick up/help the novels that are on hiatus, like Kurenai, Chaika, Bu Ni Mi, instead of another “translate a couple of chapters and abandon it” project

  41. so why there is no title from this list was picked by you :p more than two month and no news about any other new project (only Qualia which is not in the list i think)

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