NanoDesu Translations 43rd Project: Violet Evergarden

NanoDesu Translations extends a warm welcome to frphx who will be joining our translation staff to work on Violet Evergarden!

Link to Translation

Head Translator: frphx

Violet Evergarden travels the land performing a simple yet profound task: She writes down the words of those unable to do so themselves. She’s a gorgeous, fastidious scribe: an “Auto Memories Doll,” and a seemingly perfect angel bringing light to the lives of all those around her. When each job is complete, she packs her bag and departs as suddenly as she arrived. Yet no one who meets Violet is soon able to forget her.

We’re proud to be the group that will, together with frphx, help keep this series’s translation alive, and are looking forward to the great material that is sure to come out of this effort. A full chapter is already posted on the site, so get going and start reading! As always, due to the large workload involved in translating a series, please remember to say thanks to the translator when you’re taking a break from reading.

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