Volume Completion: Hitsugi no Chaika Volume 1

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Yeah you read that right!! With shiroi completing both Chapter 4 and the Afterword, Volume 1 of Hitsugi no Chaika is complete!! Please send all thanks to everyone who worked hard on the project!! Here’s the volume!

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As usual, the PDF/ePub will only be made once all edits are finalized and in. Until then, you can start here! What are you waiting for? Get to reading!!

NanoDesu Translations 42nd Project: Kokoro Connect

NanoDesu Translations extends a warm welcome to defan752 who will be joining our translation staff to work on Kokoro Connect!

Link to Translation

Head Translator: defan752

Novel Summary (heavily adapted from MAL): We join our heroes in Club Building Room 401: five seemingly normal high school students. They are brought together and tied by the Cultural Research Club, and spend time together as best friends. Each of them have their own unique personalities, and though they might not always agree with each other, they never leave anyone behind.
All is well, until they’re confronted by a supernatural entity calling himself “Heartseed”. Heartseed has taken a liking to the club members, and demands to see them become more “fascinating”, threatening consequences otherwise. Do the students take Heartseed seriously? What will happen to them?
This is the story of five students, five kids, five humans, five lives intertwining with each other as their friendship is put to the ultimate test.

We’re proud to be the group that will, together with defan, help keep this series’s translation alive, and are looking forward to the great material that is sure to come out of this effort. A full chapter is already posted on the site, so get going and start reading! As always, due to the large workload involved in translating a series, please remember to say thanks to the translator when you’re taking a break from reading.

NOTE: We will not be starting this project from the beginning – instead, we will be starting from Volume 5, and we encourage anybody who wants to start at the beginning to read Volumes 1-4 on Baka-Tsuki.

New project opening in a few hours!

Yay! Stay tuned!

Qualia the Purple (Murasakiiro no Qualia) Complete!

It’s our pleasure to present to you our full translation of Murasakiiro no Qualia! You can start reading it here.


Qualia is split into three arcs: two main arcs and an epilogue arc. If the first few chapters seem to read like straight slice of life to you, they should; but rest assured that it’s only a matter of time before things will get insanely screwy and wtf-is-happening-i-dont-even. Qualia is also somewhat notorious in the fandom for presenting a lot of science and philosophy that is a bit too far on the technical side to be considered purely “pop science” – I worked hard to present these parts in as clear and engaging a way as possible, and I hope you have fun with them (and maybe learn a thing or two as well).

A huge thanks to the technical team, and especially swhp and Yarn, for getting the new site up to snuff enough for us to open a project. More features should pop up on these new sites as time goes on, and we will slowly be opening more projects there and making the transition over for existing projects. Also a big thanks to our editor for this project, fullsalvo.

This volume represents a lot of hard work by a lot of dedicated people. We all hope you enjoy this journey with us.

Qualia is here in less than 24 hours!

In less than 24 hours we will be posting the entirety of Qualia the Purple (the entire series, translated for your reading pleasure). Look forward to it!

Volume Completion: Sky World Volume 2

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With the completion of the last part of chapter 4, the Epilogue and the Afterword, here’s Volume 2 of Sky World! Proudly brought to you by Aulis and team so please send all thanks to them. Now then.. here it is!!



As usual, PDF/ePub will be made when all edits are complete!! But you can start right now so get to reading!!

Volume Completion: Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou Volume 2

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It’s that time once again. A Volume completion! erebea and gang worked hard to complete this!! Please direct all thanks to them! Okay enough talk, here’s the volume!



You know what I’m gonna say next. PDFs/ePubs are only done after all edits are in and confirmed! AFTER. You can start right now though so what are you waiting for? Get to reading!