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We are a proud Japanese-to-English fan translation group specializing in light novels. Established in late 2011 by NanoDesu, we have since grown rapidly, and now are home to many active projects led by talented, diverse staff whose home towns span five different continents. Still, what we all share is a passion for light novels, and a motivation to bring the best-quality translations to our readers. So kick back, grab a mug of hot cocoa, and enjoy the ride.

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Administrative and General Staff

Group Administrator and Translator – NanoDesu:

NanoDesu doesn’t actually know any Japanese; he does all his translations through judicious use of an Ouija board and a headless chicken. In fact, NanoDesu doesn’t know any English either. Warble warble warble warble.

Alright, let me actually write a bio with some substance in it. The above paragraph I wrote just for the sake of keeping this somewhat in line with the bios of my Oreimo editors (I told my editors they could make their bios as silly as possible and apparently one is a hallucinating penguin and the other is just an anthropomorphized ball of sarcasm).

My Japanese is completely self-taught, and my translations are partially motivated by my desire to improve fluency in Japanese. As a non-native speaker of Japanese, there are still some obscure phrases and idioms I might mistranslate (Kuroneko, do you really have to use internet slang every other sentence?), so while I’d like to claim my translations are flawless, please forgive me if I occasionally miss something in the translation.

My tastes in anime were born and bred in the modern era, a time when mecha and explosions are being increasingly usurped by emotional content and moe. It should come as no surprise, then, that my favorite anime genre is slice of life, a genre both my translation projects draw heavily from. My favorite anime all also draw heavily on slice of life themes, and include Spice and Wolf, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, and Bakemonogatari.

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aer-avatarTranslator – Aer

My name is Aer. I was insubstantial. I was free. Everywhere you looked, I was there. I went wherever I wanted, and did whatever I wanted. Nobody could keep me in one place. Or so I thought.

Skimming through a fluttering newspaper one day, I noticed a job offer posted by someone named NanoDesu seeking skilled translators. I managed to translate Air (please get this joke) into Latin, so I submitted an application, and thus became a titular “translator”.

However, little did I know that I was to be imprisoned and used as an oxidation agent for the experimental mass translation weapon Nano was developing: the “AK NanoDesu Translations 47”.

Someone, please stop him before the world is filled with low-quality transla-

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Ancientmews AvatarTranslator – Ancientmews:

#999 – Ancientmews
Super Duper High Schooler Level Musician Pokemon
Gender: Male 99% (1%…?)
Type: Cute, caring girlsMature, caring women Dragon/Steel
Status: Single Caught
Owner: Nano
Roles: Pack Mule, HM Slave

A normally cheerful Pokemon. Trainers often covet this Pokemon for its ability to do grunt work. Currently, there is only one in existence. It has been reported that the current trainer severely abuses the Pokemon to the point where the Pokemon appears to be exhausted.

Translate // Sleep // Loaf Around
Sing // Reddit // Play Games

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Aulis AvatarTranslator – Aulis

Hi.  I’m Aulis.  My favorite nutrition bar brand is Kashi.  My favorite salad is mini wheats cereal, and my favorite dressing to put on it is milk.  I like to pretend I can make music.  I’m a filthy casual that likes SAO.

That aside, please say hi to me.  I’m secretly lonely.”

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Darren Lam Avatar

Translator – deadpan

You know, the world used to be a nicer, simpler place.

Until the professional stalkers at NanoDesu came along.

deadpan was happily and naively uploading his translations online when a wild Nanodesu appeared and HiJumpKicked him into Oblivion. When deadpan finally woke up, all his money was gone and his soul had already been sold to the devil (aka Hanyuu, aka NanoDesu).

deadpan now spends his days locked up in a cell (technically true) translating light novels whenever he has free time using nothing but an A6 notebook, a leaky pen and candlelight. Except that the candle may or may not also be a smartphone.

I pray to every God in existence that this stays unlicensed.

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Avatar (Eternal Dreamer)Translator – Eternal Dreamer:

Eternal Dreamer is a shy yet curious woodland creature of Otaku that has wandered alone along the edges of the Otaku Fandom forest within the greater county of the Internet for many years. When he was young at around 13 years of age, he encountered the strange new foods known as Anime and Manga, not realizing that they were highly addictive intoxicants, and since then has been so hooked on the stuff that he spends most of his days just lying around in a dazed stupor as he gorges on the stuff non-stop.

At 14, his addiction grew so great that he began searching desperately for any related snacks to one of his favorite meals, and came across a wonderful fruit called an adaption game. Then he grew very sad when he realized that this great treat had no variant that was edible to English speaking creatures, but he did not despair! Through perseverance that went against every fiber of his lazy being and a reliance on shoddy online translating machines and dictionaries to pierce through every single morsel of it, he slowly chewed through the game and eventually many other delicacies as well, until his stomach hardened and he finally got used to eating the Japanese food over the course of more than five years, though just barely. He even moved beyond the Anime and Manga bushes and expanded his range into the delightful fields of Light Novels, where he has happily been feasting since. He is even nice enough to help his fellow creatures to consume these Light Novels they wouldn’t be able to eat otherwise on their own, and joined a wonderful pack known as NanoDesu in order to deal out even better servings of the stuff.

So, leaving that fantastical little fairy-tale aside, here’s some succinct details about the guy:

-Contrary to his screen name, does not sleep a lot. (Actually a bit of an insomniac when stressed.)

-Loves most genres of anime and manga, both light and dark. (Though would rather be spared the more gruesome horror stuff due to soft and delicate sensibilities. Ugh.)

-Has gained a particular interest in stories about economy, psychology or strategy lately. (One of the reasons for choosing No Game No Life to translate.)

-Got to know about light novels through first the Haruhi series and a few years later Sword Art Online and others. Current favorite light novel is Oregairu (My youth romantic comedy is wrong as I expected), and favorite character is Hikigaya Hachiman. (Because who doesn’t love a good anti-hero? And in a slice-of-life story at that!)

-The mere mention of Code Geass and any related paraphernalia immediately makes him come running into the room. (Not really related to any of this, but still. Important fact.)


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Frog-kun avatar

Translator – Frog-kun

I am a moe girl from outer space who is disguised as a frog. I-I’m not translating because I like you or anything!

You may or may not know me from my other haunts on the Internet. I keep a personal anime blog where I write about whatever anime I like at the time and post up my own personal translations. Somehow, the agents at Nano Desu discovered I was planning to translate OreGairu and accosted me for their dastardly purposes. Then I got Stockholm Syndrome and decided I quite like it here, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I’m pretty serious about the process of translation, since I believe light novels should be enjoyed like any other kind of literature, so I’m always open to feedback and/or criticism. I hope you enjoy reading!

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Yotsuba NoTranslator – HandsomeBoh:

HandsomeBoh is a KGB sleeper agent by day, and a KGB sleeper agent by night. This whole translator thing is just a cover for his KGB secret agent activities. He pretends to enjoy slice of life/school romance and other blahblahblah, but he’s actually more interested in Economics and Politics. HandsomeBoh joined NanoDesu in order to monitor its subversive behaviour so that his handlers in Moscow and Beijing can stop the spread of consumerist, anti-Communist, evil capitalist behavior.
HandsomeBoh was a fairly experienced Manga and Anime translator before his exams stopped him from speaking Japanese for two years. He has never done LNs before, and the text walls horrify him. HandsomeBoh doesn’t even like Japanese, he prefers Russian or German, but he must maintain his cover for the Glory of the Motherland.

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halozy avatar

Translator – Jet Zanber

I’m a natural born otaku. Or so I’d like to believe. I started out by living off of Power Rangers until the likes of Pokemon, DBZ and the like came to greet me. I would wake up at stupidly early hours to watch zoids and gundam. To be honest, even at this point, I had no idea I was hooked. Middle school brought Star Wars-type chuunibyou, not that I was aware of it. In high school, I reacquainted myself with anime, and a trip to Japan later, I was going all out. Watching countless hours of anime, reading volume after volume of manga, playing through visual novels, hunting for light novels, going to conventions, buying figures. That brings me to now, where I decide on my next step: translation. You could say that I’ve finally gotten tired of dealing with a language barrier. I’d like to believe I’m well versed in anime. I’m pretty open to anything and everything (outside of hentai at least), and watch a good deal of series during each season. So, that’s me in a nutshell. I look forward to bringing you all translations! Oh, and don’t mistake me for some super serious person because I’ve got a straightforward bio. I’m just really bad at writing silly things. Although, according to my friends, I’m a cross-dressing magical girl with an axolotl mascot. So I guess there’s that.

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Translator – lambadaa

I’m Lamb. I do the translatings. Pls be kind.

Most of my English and Japanese lingual skills are self taught via novels, movies, games, interracial porn and Rosetta Stone.
Naturally, that means I’m far cry from any professional writers or translators. But I am constantly learning and improving, so feel free to leave any constructive feedback that you might have.



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Lynx_lai avatarTranslator – Lynx_lai







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avatar Translator – Misa-chan:

Misa-chan likes things. Sweet henshin shoujo things like Pretty Cure, action-based shounen things like One Piece, nonsensical comic things like Gintama, singing idol group things like Momoclo, pop diva queen things like ayumi hamasaki… The list goes on. So talk to her about anything anime/manga/J-pop related, and she’ll be more than happy to fangirl with you.

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Mr_Fwishayyy AvatarTranslator – Mr_Fwishayyy

A small fish who got baited by ND academy and eventually ended up becoming a translator (somehow). Though he still has a long way to go, he hopes to grow up into a big fish like the others (and maybe one day rule the ocean? Who knows?), but for now, he’ll just try to not get eaten and continue churning out translations for all the others in the ocean

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Shingetsu darkTranslator – Shingetsu

I was born with a little know disease called grammardipsia. For those who have never heard of such a disease, there is no need to look it up. I assure you that IT EXISTS! Now, the symptoms of the aforementioned ailment include severe grammarnazitism, slight headaches upon sighting typos and in rare cases death upon making a grammar mistake. As many other of my afflicted brethren, I was kept in a room in the furthest, darkest corner of my home, isolated and unloved. The reason for this being because I corrected everyone too much and they were quite annoyed with me.

However, one faithful day while I was roaming the internet in search of bad spelling and grammar, and being assaulted by those who I corrected, I was approached by NanoDesu. He claimed that he would give me a new home, where I could correct as much as I pleased and be free of the scorn that I had suffered through before. Of course, I accepted his offer, thinking that I would be going to a utopia for those with grammardipsia. To my horror though, I was brought to Nano’s lair where he locked me in a cage and told me that if I wish to be free I must edit until he is pleased and then he MAY let me go. Now here I am, sick and a slave to Nano. To my surprise it was later revealed to me that grammardipsia is in fact a manmade disease created by Nanodesu. He made it so that he can have a constant supply of new editors; his need for new editors is due to the fact that we drop like flies on the instant ramen diet he puts us on. The world is a cruel place.

In all seriousness, I am just your average linguaphile who has read so many grammar books, textbooks and dictionaries for so many languages that I find that I can hardly keep a conversation without pausing to consider whether or not what I said was grammatical or not. The languages I currently focus on are French, Spanish, Japanese and Russian-though Russian is a recent addition.

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ramenpoodle Avatar

Head Translator and Project Leader – shiroi

As blank, mysterious and white as his name describes, shiroi lives an elusive yet fulfilling otaku life, consuming as many light novels, anime, manga and video games as his schedule will allow. Hitsugi no Chaika marks his first series as head translator. Shocking Truth!

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Steel Avatar

Translator – Steel

Hi everyone, I’m Steel. I’m also known by my galactic title of The Naked Blazing Steel Maverick of Solais. I’m a galactic body who has been solicited by the good people at Nano Desu into doing translation work for them. Galactic bodies don’t actually read many Light Novels, or manga, nor do galactic bodies really dabble into this thing called anime. However there is one activity galactic bodies enjoy doing it and it’s calling for the RISING SUN. So please do join this galactic body in IRC sometime. It needs more people to bully with its cosmic powers.

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victor avatarTranslator – victorrama

Hi guys. I used to do manga scanlation and still am but not that active anymore. I’m sort of a jack-of-all trades, I can do typeset, edit, and a lot of other things, but no translating skill. I can only do English -> Indonesian LOL…

Thanks for everyone who welcomed with open-clothes, no I mean open hands, sorry for that…


It looked like they didn’t accept my apology. They put me in the ND basement, where I was subjected to meep for months. Then they suddenly released me into the ND forum. They chained me down, and Liche ojou-sama tortu– taught me lots of thing and I was made to watch over the place. But my meeping was still weak. They dragged me back into the basement soon after….I had meeped day and night for months….and now they released me. Out in the open, as a true meeper. The world will now see me as the ultimate meeper under ND org. Be prepared!

Well, the first part was when I first met ND. The four years later was written now. How much of the ‘fiction’ above is real? 99% of it is REAL. Can you guess the faked 1%? So well, now I guess I will do some CN translations, please be kind to me…..MEEP!

—–The following record was found under the folder named ‘MEEP’ in ND org basement.

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Translator – Zero Ender:

It may be hard to believe judging from his appearance, but Zero (henceforth known as Lord Ender…kidding), is not really into anime, manga, or Otaku culture. Sure, there are a few precious gems out there, but overall the concept of animated characters does not generally appeal to him. However, he is a lover of stories and has privately created his own worlds since a young age (sometimes he even visits them). Perhaps that is why he was captivated by Japan and its robust variety of tales and adventures. Yet, this will be his first time translating works of this length so please, wish him luck!

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Administrative Staff

msirps-avatarSenior Supervisor – msirp

If you are reading this, you have been personally selected to carry on the legacy of msirp. Please keep in mind this information is entirely confidential and violation of the confidentiality agreement is forfeit of your soul to NanoDesu.

msirp was born into nobility and splendor. He spent many a days in a vibrant, hue-filled garden and many a nights ‘neath the sparkling, peaceful stars. Regardless of wealth and status, all youngsters develop curious minds and msirp was no exception. His curiousity lead to frustrations and indignations from his family and servants. A tumultuous spirit welling up within him, msirp abandoned everything he had for a chance to find the answers to life’s greatest questions. He died of tuberculosis, shortly thereafter.

Enslaved forever to talk in third-person, msirp’s spirit continues its poor excuse of a search through editing for some anonymous people it met on the internet.

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Senior Supervisor – Whitesora:

“Who is Whitesora”, you ask? Just some random guy, from some random place. You know, like those useless secondary characters in games.”We want to know more”, you say? Sorry, but there is really nothing more, aside that I like LNs with a school/day-by-day setting; I also completely love Touhou.”There must be something else”? Maybe. Not much to tell the truth: I joined here as an editor with no experience, but I’ll do my best to become a veteran editor; it should be a secret to everybody, but I’m also working on an original LN (even though I’m still far from the end).

I wonder if someday I’ll become a “main character” too?

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Human Resources Administrator – DudeLongDudeLong Avatar

…Where am I?

Oh god. NanoDesu caught me.

Please, you have to hear me out! My name is DudeLong, you can call me DL for short. What I thought was going to be a great experience editing for NanoDesu translations turned out to be an elaborate trap. All that affection towards manga and light novels you may carry is just a carefully fostered web laid out by Nano to ensnare newcomers and bring them into his harem of lolis. You see, Nano knows how to play to your weaknesses. He caught me by opening an editing position for one of my favorite novels, “No Game, No Life.” No matter what happens, don’t be fooled by this group.

I may not be able to save myself anymore, but at the very least I can—

Wait, no! Nano, sto—

My name is DudeLong. I like videogames, otaku culture, and ponies. Everything is very happy and sparkly. I love everything in my life, including NanoDesu. Nothing is wrong at all.
sparklyandasdsparklysparkly. I love everything, including Nano. Nothing terrible is going on at all.

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WildKaiser avatar.pngAdministrative Assistant – WildKaiser:

Keeping up with his position as Leech King, Wildkaiser had always enjoyed the fruits of other people’s labour. That was, until he saw the SOS sent out by NanoDesu. Trained by the Government in the Art of Editing (commonly known by the people as “checking your school essays for mistakes”), he applied for the job. Ignoring his muscle cramps due to inactivity, Wildkaiser now provides his edits and services as an administrative assistant to the great cause known as NanoDesu Light Novel Translations. 

hikaslapSenior Supervisor – hikaslap

Once upon a time, hikaslap was happy. He had a good life – great grades, great friends, a solid future. A life full of light and love.

It couldn’t last.

Later, after all was said and done, hikaslap could say unashamedly that he didn’t even LIKE light novels anymore, hated them even, for what they had done to him.

But he never did escape.

At one of his lowest points, when his will was weakest and his spirit was tenuous, he saw an application for a position at NanoDesu Translations.

“Well, if you can’t beat ‘em…” he sighed.

Then hikaslap became irredeemable, and the circle was complete.

(just kidding! hi, I’m hikaslap. the above bio was written roughly 1.5 years ago, when I first joined ND as an editor working under the nano himself in 2013. i’m now an admin, somehow, so i feel like i can say:

i hope you guys continue to enjoy all our hard work and dare-i-say artistry as we move forward! thanks for reading.)

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Sora Avatar NewSenior Supervisor – SoraSky

Sora is a loser Riajuu who is popular among his imaginary girlfriends. When he’s not out on a date or having his daily dose of cat videos, Sora chains himself to his chair and translates to meet his quota. His works range from Japanese song lyrics and Visual Novels, to washing machine instruction manuals for his Mom.


Senior Proofreading Supervisor – Wing

Literally hates everything about Japan and its culture.



Senior Typesetting Supervisor – Devil Hands

Conscripted in to a position no one would desire. Cursed with a power few would dare speak of. Once a man, now a monster. Once loved, now hated. Once a master, now a slave. Cast out from his home by the very people he swore to protect, the monster now known as Yon Devil Hands is on a journey to find the supreme TRUTH that exists somewhere in the seventh world and the dark details that come with it. Aided by friends both new and old, he will journey through the each of the seven worlds encountering a myriad of distinctive adversaries, near-impassable obstacles, and the cold voice that guides him.


junny avatarModerator – junny

I translate stuff on BT, Easy Going Scans and Imoutolicious. I like meat and I’m always hungry. Buy me a meal and we’ll be besties. Resides in the City of Balls.

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Aries Avatar

Graphic Artist – Aries

Bleep Bloop Blah uh…Hai, Aries here :3 I do something with graphics and the occasional text.

I’m a polyglot-wannabe and like to 709394 (jk…maybe).

Anyways, 4649! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Daze Avatar

Graphic Artist – Daze

watashi no namae wa Daze desu ≧◡≦
yoroshiku onegaishimasu~

Hello to all of the lovely people reading this~ I’m one of the newbies of ND and I like to call myself a graphics artist. My favorite color is pink and I incorporate it into almost everything I edit. I’m also obsessively in love with pie (specifically apple and pumpkin with vanilla ice cream). Oh, and I’m such a generic girl that I typically watch and enjoy romance anime like Clannad, Toradora, Anohana, Chuunibyou, Nisekoi, KnK, and SAO.

-queue the anime critics judging my taste in shows-

Anyways, I’m really bad at briefly introducing myself so I’ll keep it at that.

Hopefully my work isn’t a daze-aster (✿◠‿◠)

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Dragner AvatarGraphic Artist – Dragner:Is Still being sought by the same 37 countries, now there was an addition of more 9 giving a total of 46, for his kidnapping in mass of lolis and illegal possession of firearms and mass destruction. CAUTION – IS ARMED AND DANGEROUS. He only if seal to your group if defeated in side quest XY, which can only be accessed after defeating the villain with a bug cursed which makes the attack more powerful of its protagonist worth nothing more than -10. His main attack LOLIS STRIKE brings a storm of small have seen little girls lugging around nothing honest and hipnotizadas in a combo that, according to those who conseguirema enters this side quest, it is impossible to defend or dodge. Most hardcores Players were so glib populists trying to win the stage that was confirmed the destruction to all consoles in that the game might go. AND, even after the most addicted that gotten a cheat to unlock the Dragner as soon as first, claim that it is impossible to do it evolve level, since he only accepts participate in missions with lolis.Note: if the miss ioli who was and is the boss of the level, say that the Dragner exchange of position and become an enemy, making the phase,impossible to beat. 

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Kurokusari Avatar

Graphic Artist – Kurokusari


Stahp eet Kuro, no one will understand that. Once again, hello there! I’m the new soldier for the graphics division. I’ll be trying to make things look better in the digital related magic. My main weapon is a magical wand (with a magic wand) known as the legendary Photoshop. Notorious for making people less ‘unpleasant’ (that’s the goal anyway) and distorting spaces around ‘great’ people. I’m on a long quest of aiding ND with everything I got, while gaining exp as I complete side quests.

TL;DR: I make pretty pictures. Oh and I try to improve myself, too.

Maybe I should actually at least tell something about myself before finishing. I’m a hobbyist graphics artist which has a passion for reading. I WILL read anything that interests me. Ranging from light novels to convenience store receipts.

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Graphic Artist – koa:

After months of working under Hayashi Project, Koa suddenly started evolving due to a random bug
found in the servers while Hayashi was off.

Without anyone to press B, Koa now gained the ability to do renders too, aside from his usual job
of beheading keeping the Unbreakable machine dolls safe from fandumbs everywhere.

So overall, nothing much changed except he has more things to do. Not that he can complain.

Nano wa hidoi desu (´; ω;`)

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Liche AvatarGraphics Artist – Liche:

Gokigenyou. The name is Liche, I am the owner of a large mansion and prefer people who bow down to me and kiss the ground. …Just kidding no, not really.

I have been watching anime for quite some years now and while anime is my greatest passion, I also like to keep myself busy with things like drawing and graphic design… or as I prefer to call it: “graphic messing around.” I’ve been studying Japanese for quite some time, but translating is not my favorite passtime…

I do like to spout nonsense random Japanese lines, but most of all I’m a great S tsukkomi who likes kicking victor cracking a nice comeback line. Did I mention that I really like dominant types like ojou and tsun girls? I’m quite sure I need to tell you that since it’s pretty hard to get that from this rather limited introduction.

Anyway, glad that you have finally been able to meet me in person. You should feel blessed. ^^

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Graphics Artist – Rayne:

Hi, I’m Rayne! I’m new and somewhat inexperienced but I try hard so bear with me (シ_ _)シ

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Siplas avatar

Graphics Artist – Siplas

An existence with a double personality.

Sometimes he is a graphic at Nanodesu,

other times an italian fansubber.

In some archaic language, Siplas is the pronunciation of C++

(without a +), so some rumors says that actually he is just a software

that likes anime, manga, light novel and videogames.

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Yarns avatarGraphics Artist – Yarn:

I like lolis.

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Al avatar

Typesetter – Al

I’ve just got out of prison before I joined NanoDesu. I can’t really reveal how I got in there. 5 years seems like forever. It doesn’t really matter now…
P.S. None of the above is true.

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Azuris avatarTypesetter – Azuris

Hello, I’m Azuris. Just another new guy, starting a new journey here at NanoDesu. I hope you’ll enjoy my typesetting work and feel free to leave any comments for possible improvements.

Anyway to start off, here’s a picture of a goose I met.

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castor212's avatar

Typesetter – castor212

I like Type-Moon. And caps lock. And cheeseburgerz.

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shokugenkinosomaTypesetter (PDF) – DaigakuOtaku

Yo! The names DaigakuOtaku but you can just call me Dai! for short. I like food and manga which is why I enjoy reading Shokugeki no Soma!! I’m open to trying anything and everything as long as its not boring. I reside in two country’s, can you guess which one’s?

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Typesetter – LeinadDan

Hello hello, this is LeinadDan who’s a slight demophobe but turns into a completely different person on the Internet! *pan pakapan*
Call me Dan for short. I am quite a bibliophile, so there are times that I just don’t want to do anything but read, hopefully I will be able to suppress the desire when needed.
I’m quite new to the trade and have lots to learn so please have mercy on me.

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magzh's avatarIllustration Typesetter – Magzh

Tutorial for finding the best job which fits you perfectly:
As any person who believes in himself, I believe that I can do anything despite the circumstances. Thus after failing in design class and never even attempting art classes, I’ve decided to make the only logical conclusion, which is to be a graphics artist in my spare time.

Tutorial for finding this website:
Well, this is a long story, so I will shorten it a bit. I misclicked and opened twitch website by mistake. After that I noticed that some strange game called “Osu!” was in top games. Then I researched this game and liked it. After that I found quite interesting song, which had “maware” repeated a lot of times. This led me to finding about UMD and I decided to search further about it and well, here I am writing on this website.

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nyanko___sushi_cat_by_vivorino99-d4krq1eEditor – Axyraandas

I am the sushi of NanoDesu.
Fish is my Body and Vinegar is my Blood
I have created over one hundred meows,
Unknown to miso,
Nor known to wakame.
Have withstood irradiated cooking oil to become a sushi cat.
Yet, these paws will never hold a real cat.
So, as I Meow-
Unlimited Sushi Works

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Ayumi avatar

Editor – Ayumi

I really really really don’t have the time to be doing this right now.

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Avatar (1) Editor – ChappalChor4:

ChappalChor4 is an A-Class Pappu who is believed to have stolen the footwear of millions of innocent (and not so innocent) people. Currently on the run, it is believed that he did his Bachelors (of Tharaklogy) in Computer Engineering from N.I.T, Surat (N.I.T means National Institute of Tharak-logy, and if you are wondering what Tharak means, then its Pervertness). To hide himself, he secured a job and has now begun mass thefts from homes of people who unknowingly leave their doors open.

The CID (read Chaman Investigation Department) have put him on the top of their most-wanted list of Tharaks. He has many super-powers which he uses to harass his victims. Some even believe that he has the ability called FART (Ferociously Agile Rapid Tharak-ness), which he uses to play the innocent guy, and then rapidly change to a Tharak, without anyone knowing, and steal girls pant…possessions, and turn back to normal, all in the blink of an eye. In one close encounter, it is believed that he used his heavy-metal guitar playing (at the footsteps of a temple where he stole hundreds of footwear) to disable the coc…cop’s weapons, thus subsequently giving them the slip. This only goes to show how many powers he can use to toy with innocents.

Rumors are, he even used to date before becoming the infamous ChappalChor, and the number suffixed at the end of his name denotes the hea….footwear that he stole from his girlfriends. After stealing all their footwear, he would break up with them, so that they could live a normal life, as he believed that being with them would ultimately endanger them, because of his nefarious activities. He even once gave an interview to the BBC (Big boo…Bad Channel), and he is believed to have said “Some footwear are beautiful for the very reason that they are unobtainable”, to quote his relationships. He also admitted that this was his favourite quote, and admitted that it was taken from FSN (Footwear/Steal Night).

It is said that he is now working for NanoDesu, and plans on using hypnotic texts to make people reveal the footwear that they wear. He has started out on his global project called SAFE (Steal All Footwear Expertly).
It is believed that the only way to avoid theft of one’s pant…possessions (especially unde…footwear) by the ChappalChor 4 is through liking the NanoDesu Translations page of facebook, or by following NanoDesu in Twitter.
Everyone beware! He may strike at any time, in fact, you could be reading his edited texts, right now, and unknown to you, a shadow may be lurking near your footwear.

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Editor – Cherry Venus

Cherry Venus never responded with a bio, so the bio was left in the hands of a wandering DudeLong. In order to be fair and not botch the bio, he decided to let the bio go through a rigorous, completely random personality generator and came up with these results:

Name: Cherry Venus
Favorite Phrase: 420DankMemesBruh
Favorite Anime: Boku no Pico
Favorite Genre: NTR
Favorite Person: NanoDesu

CoffeeFlux Avatar

Editor – CoffeeFlux


I’m a worthless high-schooler that sits around and does nothing but program and consume Japanese media. I should probably be spending this time studying, but that’s no fun (my picture explains my approach to schoolwork rather well). I make an exception to this policy for my summer job of teaching programming.

While I know almost no Japanese, I’m quite good at Spanish, which is basically the same thing, sorta. At some point, I’ll hopefully sit down and learn Japanese, but since I currently only know romance languages it will likely prove to be a difficult process.

Anyhow, I’ve gotten very good at technical writing, and thought that editing LNs might be a fun way to practice informal writing a bit more. The fact that others can benefit from my work is icing on the cake.

Happy reading!

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Cthaeh's avatarEditor – Cthaeh

Mostly harmless.

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dariaavaEditor – Daria


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Tezzie AvatarEditor – DJ Tezzie:

Thinking back on things… I may have accidentally resolved that many translators should go die in a fire when I requested to join the team. That being said, the fact that I still made it means my brainwashing must have worked! …wait, Nano’s going to read this? Well… crap.

Well, I may as well do as much work as I can before I’m destroyed in a mass of cartoony gore by the rest of Nano’s sla-er, willing members of the team. And, as these are likely to be my last words I better make them good!

So, about me; my favorite thing in this world is music, and that’s why I adopted the moniker of a DJ even though I’ve yet to actually mix anything. Anime and manga are extremely high on the list as well, and much to my surprise, being able to write with correct English grammar is actually highly looked for with things of that nature. So here I am, doing what I can to give my part to the otaku community. Please treat me well!

Best Regards,

(As a side note, maybe portraying myself as a set of twin Kirbys will stay Nano’s wrath for a bit due to overwhelming cuteness factor..)

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Editor – dozzu

Dozzu has been reading light novels for several years, and is a huge fan of fantasy and adventure stories. They secretly dream of becoming a wise old wizard with far too many cats. They’re very excited to be a part of the NanoDesu team!
Dozzu is agender and goes by they or she pronouns.

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cutin_himari Editor – Einander:

Hi, I’m Einander. I’m an engineer, which apparently explains a great deal about me. I read and sometimes I write. Most of my editing skills, such as they are, came from trying to get my own prose into order. I love stories that focus on genre and their conventions, I love strange ways of telling stories, and I particularly love stories that are about something. Part of my philosophy on life in general and writing in particular is, ‘As long as needed and no longer.'”

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Elenrod's avatarEditor – Elenrod:

Don’t get me wrong; it’s not like I want to edit or anything, okay?

(RL fact: After the San Antonio Spurs lost to the Miami Heat in Game 7 of the 2013 NBA Finals, Elenrod curled up on the sofa and marathoned Bakemonogatari to try to forget the pain.)

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Editor – Jarrguy

Jarrguy claims to be a fan of anime and light novels, but it’s been so long since he finished a series that there’s no way to tell anymore. He joined Nanodesu partly because he enjoys editing and partly in order to get himself excited about new series, thereby adding more things to his never-ending list. He considers it a mark of his supreme self-control that he only owns one dakimakura. His favorite series (both anime and LN) is Monogatari.

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Kami's Avatar

Editor – Kami

Kami. I am a Kami, a god. Not God, with a capital G. Just a normal god that goes by the simple name of Kami.
I fell from the heavens well over a millenium ago and was reborn from the darkness of the night sky.
The sole reason for my existence is to watch anime, read manga, read light novels, play video games, play visual and sound novels, and play galge. But recently, I happened upon the website of NanoDesu Translations and found another purpose.

An eliminator. An annihilator. An obliterator. Of terrible grammar and bad syntax. My task will continue until the end
of time, but until then…

Okay, enough of the chuunibyou writing. It’s not really my style, and it gives me a headache trying to write it.
So, I go by the name of Kami, a name I recieved sometime in middle school from my colleagues when I told them I
sympathized with Raito from Death Note (another well known Kami). Eventually, the name stuck, and I now use it for all
my website names. No, I am not religious and you are free to make all the jokes at my expense that you wish to.

I heavily enjoy all of the things I have mentioned in my first paragraph, of course, but there was a time I wanted
to be more involved with the process. I didn’t know how I could until I chanced upon the No Game No Life manga. It was
not bad, and I discovered it had a light novel translation at Baka-Tsuki, so I began reading.

It was all. Machine-translated. Awful grammar and word choice abounded. I didn’t exactly feel like waiting for a translator,
and perhaps fixing up the page would attract more attention to the light novel, so I began editing. Eventually, I found
myself involved with more projects, and that eventually led me to NanoDesu Translations. So here I am.

Please continue to read all of NanoDesu’s translations, and to all of the staff, please continue your hard work!

— 神

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Editor – KH.hayate:

After saving the world for so long from heartless nobodies etc, and being a combat butler, KH decided that it was enough for him and decided to live a normal life. However, things weren’t on his side. KH quickly fell into debt and, driven by stress, committed suicide, fortuitously in front of NanoDesu’s house… NanoDesu, driven by compassion, decided to revive him with the help of Yuu. KH, who was very delighted to have been saved and have another life, decided to dedicate his life to NanoDesu and Yuu as one of their editors.

P.S He’s still on the run from debt collectors….

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Kuro-pi Avatar

Editor – Kuro-pi

Hey guys, I go by Kuro-pi (or just Kuro) online.  As you’d probably expect, I’m a huge geek.  I’ve always been into video games, and then later, anime, and manga, and more recently light novels and the occasional visual novel.

I’m a little OCD so when I would find spelling or grammar errors in the stuff I was reading, I’ve always had an itch to fix them, so it was probably only a matter of time before I offered up my services to those demigod-like beings that somehow decipher the mysterious moonrunes and turn them into something I can actually read.  After all, being as into all this stuff as I am, I’ve also wanted to help put it out there for others, partly as thanks to all those people who did it for me.
Well, I finally went and applied, and I’m quite thankful to have been offered a position of editor.  I am very excited to be here, as this is something totally new for me, and I am studying Japanese myself, so maybe in a couple years I’ll be one of the people deciphering those moonrunes directly for all of you eagerly awaiting fans.

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Leonard AvatarEditor – Leonard

Light novels, what are those?  I only recently found out.

I’ve loved stories of all kinds ever since the ancient days when they could only be read in physical books. In fact, I loved them so much
and consumed so many of them that when I grew up I qualified to work as an editor. Now I’m one at Nano Desu, and quite enjoying it, thank you

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lockman-avatarEditor – LockmanCapulet

Heyhey, I’m LockmanCapulet, or just Lockman if you prefer. I’m a CompSci student who lives with three housemates, a 3DS, and a table made of empty Blow-Pop crates. I spend way too much time on anime, manga, and light novels, so I figured i should be productive with that time (and put my grammar-naziism to good use) by helping edit for NDTL.

Loafy Avatar

Editor – Loafy

Yo! I’m Loafy, an editor here at NanoDesu. I’m a university student who ended up letting anime, manga, and light novels become a bigger part of my life than I probably should have. I love reading and writing, but don’t have a creative bone in my body. So, despite my interest, my chances of actually contributing to any artistic endeavor seemed pretty slim. When I noticed that NanoDesu was looking for new staff members, I saw it as an opportunity to contribute to the spread of a medium that I thoroughly enjoyed, even if only in a small way. Thanks to my stunningly adequate grasp of the English language, penchant for nitpicking, and complete lack of any other applicable skills, I was quickly propelled into the prestigious position I now hold at the bottom of the NanoDesu food chain.

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halozy avatar

Editor – mbamg

Sup it’s mbamg. Up until recently I’ve only been dabbling into editing, but now I have some more free time to take this more seriously. If I say so myself, I have an eye for detail. I hope our works will fulfill your expectations for a good translation.

Not much in the way of hobbies. I like ArmA 2, reading up on history, and trying out good headphones. Oh, and mindlessly roaming around wikis.

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MT Avatar

Editor – Menagerie Tea

A lifelong believer that anyone can do any amount of work provided it isn’t the work they are supposed to be doing at the moment, Menagerie Tea applied to NanoDesu Translations while he was supposed to be doing something else. When unable to find an excuse not to, MT ekes out a humble existence banging his hands against a keyboard until words fall out. Outside of the inter-webs, he lives in that van down by the river your mother told you to stay away from. But it’s a nice van. Obviously.

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Mirage Avatar

Editor – Mirage
Hi, I’m Mirage_GSM – Mirage to my friends. I’m from Germany, and apparently now I’m an editor at NanoDesu. I’ve been involved with a few translation projects before – most notable among them the German translation of Katawa Shoujo – but so far everything involved translating from English to German.
I have a long history of watching anime and a somewhat shorter history of reading associated light novels, so helping translate Japanese stuff was the next logical step, and when I saw a request for editors here I thought: “Why not?”
Now here I am looking at the sheer number of projects at NanoDesu and wonder what I have gotten myself into.
Sure, everyone is very nice so far, but there’s that glint in their eyes when they think I’m not looking…

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Mithradates avatarEditor – Mithradates

Yeah, so, I saw a story that I really liked, but it was in terrible form, barely readable.  After that frustration, rather than offering to help edit that translation, I went and started editing for another group (Nanodesu)……clearly the logical solution right?

With this piss-poor reason for joining a translation group, I gladly step onto the battlefield!

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Ra1nfall Avatar

Editor – Ra1nfall

Rain is a transient occurrence. Clouds gather, bringing with them cleansing precipitation that washes away the stains of the earth. It begins quietly then steadily grows louder and louder, culminating in a torrent of water, covering the ground and filling the air with moisture. Yet the rain slowly stops and the skies clear as the sun’s radiance illuminates the wet earth. A rainbow colors the azure sky with a bright demonstration of optics, and people exit their homes and shelters to marvel at the beauty that follows the falling rain.

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Rryw_Avatar Editor – Rryw:

The 15,532nd Spirit is Rryw. He is an Archduke Great and Mighty, under the Spirit of Moe, Governor of the Rising Sun. He appeareth in the form of a Male Youth with his right arm bound to repress the power of his Past Incarnation and his left eye covered to repress the power of his Eye of Delusion. His Office is to Edit, to make Men Knowing in all Grammar. He has Dominion of all Punctuation and createth within Scripts a Fluidity of Reading. Under Command of Supreme Overlord NanoDesu, he bringeth Diction and Grammatical Virtue using the Red Ink of Correction. He is a Pedant, good and excellent. And he will be willing to perform thy requests to provide, with great Alacrity, Revised Drafts. He also enforceth the Law that Cuteness is Justice. He governeth 40 Legions of Lolis, and his Seal is the Expressive Ahoge.

A veteran editor, Rryw whetted his blade of grammatical correctness in the open fields of Baka-Tsuki with random edits. Since then he has honed his ability to manipulate diction and enhance the fluidity of prose as an editor of Taiwanese light novels for [PrinceRevolution!]. Enchanted by the steampunk setting of Gekka no Utahime to Magi no Ou, Rryw applied for a position as an editor at [NanoDesu]. Being afflicted by the sin of sloth and with the spirits of procrastination and apathy whispering on each shoulder, Rryw has also taken the position of editor for Sasami-san@Ganbaranai to help get Sasami-san’s creed of unmotivation out to the world.

sakai's avatar

Editor – sakai

More likely to be playing videogames than doing editing work.

Also known as the guy who let a whole bunch of crappy English stay in Majikoi S.

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Simon's AvatarEditor – Simon


If you read some of the other bios on here you’re probably expecting something entertaining, but me not really being funny led to my decision of rolling with the boring approach and just putting together a few sentence about why I’m here… kind of.

That was the plan, at least. Didn’t really work out as intended though, so I just tried my best to avoid a one-liner. Mission accomplished.

Never having developed an interest in reading and never having considered myself a part of some anime/manga culture, I cannot remember how exactly I learned about Light Novel’s being a thing in late 2010. But what began as a wrong turn on the internet ended up being a 4-year journey of watching a countless amount of anime and reading through most of the translated VNs and LNs I could get my hands on, and I’m still around.

With the desire to actually do something productive for once after all those years came the idea to tie it with my wish to give something back to the community I had so much fun with over the latest section of my life.

When that failed however, I decided to just do ND’s Editors Diagnostic instead; and now here I am, doing some editing.

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Superal Avatar

Editor – Superal

Thou shalt highly esteem your luck of meeting the self-proclaimed Tomoyo Fanboy N°1 (that’s me).

Thou shalt better worship this pristine and angelic creature of God that is Sakagami Tomoyo (I don’t believe in God though).

Thou shalt not jinx my waifu; in which case I shall levy heavy taxes upon thee (Here comes the money).

Thou shalt lastly rejoice in vorfreude as thy time knowing Tomoyo grows.

Oh, I forgot: Hello, I’m Superal and an editor here. I kind of like Sakagami Tomoyo.

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Superblackcat Avatar

Editor – Superblackcat

Editor/Proofreader – Superblackcat

I appeared a few days ago.

The Luck here has dropped significantly.

I hope you’ll welcome me with open arms.

That way, I’ll be able to absorb more luck from you.

I appreciate your donations.

(It is too late to click away, you have already lost all your luck. Give up your dreams)

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Editor – Thomas

Let me be clear – I will NOT be eating that thing no matter how much chili sauce you put into it. Are you even listening to me?

That’s what I would say if I had the courage to stand up to her. Her apron swirled through the air as she was dancing with the ingredients, which were to become my today’s meal. I felt the desperation clawing at my stomach. This whole incident was turning out to be a real letdown. But I had no choice – it was either me, or that guy with the pointy hat from before, and he disappeared the moment it was clear what was about to happen. In fact, I don’t think she even knew my name.

“All done!”

I was paralyzed with fear. The way she said that might have sounded cute to an untrained ear, but I could see through it all. I dared to raise my head and looked her direction. Her hands were covered in huge soft cooking gloves as she was approaching me with a big bowl of steaming fluid. Her wide smile was truly creepy.

“It’s all yours! Hihi!”

Forget about the smile, that laugh was the creepiest sound on earth. Her shadow loomed over me as she swayed in anticipation. My tongue was tied. I didn’t know what to say, let alone what to do. This was my final moment. All I wanted was to become an editor for NanoDesu, how did it come to this?

I gulped as I bent my head over the result of her two days long work. Is that it? Two days is all it takes to break me? I should have thought it through better. I should have paid attention at the meetings. I felt I might fall into that torture pit before me any minute, drowning in that sea of lava. No, I’d rather swim in lava than this… With all my strength left I took a deep breath to smell the dish.

Suddenly, there was no dish, no table. And there was no crazy translator or NanoDesu anymore. I was covered in darkness, floating through the universe of all, witnessing the stars being born and dying out again in a matter of seconds. Finally, I was free. Or so I thought.

– Chronicles of an Unfortunate Editor, Thomas B. Charlie

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Sugisaki Editor – wongbbw

I’m a typical otaku, but preferring to read manga and LNs to watching anime.  When not busy with real life, I divide my time between otaku activities and gaming, e.g. Dota 2.  I like to believe I’m a pretty chill, relaxed person, but I’m probably biased.
Otherwise, I hope that I can satisfy your editing expectations.  After I’ve helped edit a few volumes of Seizon and whatever projects I might later be assigned, I’ll maybe take the time to update this bio with something a little more entertaining.

xIceArcher AvatarEditor – xIceArcher

*Record #1892. Playing in 3, 2, 1…*Nobody told me I had to make something like this!Wait, we’re already recording? Er… xIceArcher here, apparently they passed someone like me to become an editor here, shows a lot about the strictness of the selection process… Wait, I shouldn’t be saying that right?I should tell everyone about myself?Well, I’m a normal person that joined this place voluntarily, not like all those people that came before me. Honestly, I don’t get why everyone says that this place is horrible! The people here have been very nice to me so far–Talk about myself, not about NanoDesu?Ok, I’ll let you guys in on a secret. I never actually read a single LN translated here before I applied to become an editor here. Really! I just came here because I was bored. And thank God I did that, cause you see, Nano is actually–Wait, what do you mean that’s enough? I thought I have 250 words?Are you sure? I’m just telling them that Nano is really a–W-wait, what’s with the taser and the duct tape? What is going–?*End of recording. Record #1893. Playing in 3, 2, 1…*

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Editor – Zanzaroo5eadf33a-6972-43c5-b4b5-0867b7a9447c

Hello. I’m not really sure how I ended up here, but I’m glad that I am. I like Pina Coladas, getting lost in the rain, and I absolutely despise people who quote overused song lyrics. I spend most of my time pretending to do work a.k.a. watching anime, surfing the web, finding any distraction necessary to save me from the monotony of being a student. We’ll see where this distraction takes me.

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Xi Tez Avatar
 Editor – Xi Tez
I am Xi Tez.

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zd's avatar

Editor – zd

Few years back, my friend and I got jumped out of nowhere and I suffered serious memory loss. I do not remember what he looks like or anything about him except that his name was Myron.I am still looking for him but sometimes I have to guess if someone seems like they are Myron.Are you Myron?


Editor – ZeHaffen

Fluency, spelling, and everything grammatical. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little editor. But Professor Grammar Nazi accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction — Chemical Weeb. Thus, The Powerpuff Editor was born. Using his ultra-super powers, ZeHaffen has dedicated his life to fighting errors, and the forces of unreadableness!

Staff by Project Here is a listing of the staff on each project, with projects listed alphabetically. Go to the project page itself to read more about them!

Aldnoah.Zero Extra
Translator – Frog-kun
Editor – CoffeeFlux

Amagi Brilliant Park
Translator – Sora
Supervisor – Default Melody
Editor – ramenpoodle

Translator – Eternal Dreamer
Supervisor – Default Melody
Editor – DudeLong
Editor – Elenrod

Fuyuu Gakuen no Alice and Shirley
Translator – stellarroze
Supervisor – Whitesora
Editor – Axyraandas
Editor – Cthaeh
Editor – Daria

Gekka no Utahime to Magi no Ou (Inactive)
Translator – florza
Supervisor – Whitesora
Editor – Rryw

Translator – BJ Bu
Supervisor – Whitesora
Editor/Project Manager – DJ Tezzie

Translator – ??? (TOM)
Supervisor/Editor – hikaslap
Editor – Kuro-pi

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko (Inactive)
Translator (Volume 1) – Frog-kun
Supervisor (Volume 1) – Hantsuki
Translator (Volume 2) – Nurin
Supervisor (Volume 2) – Whitesora
Editor – msirp

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu (Inactive)
Translator – halozy
Supervisor – Whitesora
Editor – mbamg

Kikou Shoujo wa Kizutsukanai (Inactive)
Translator – hayashi
Supervisor – Whitesora

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?
Translator – NanoDesu
Supervisor – Whitesora
Editor – Einander
Editor – ChappalChor4

Translator – Shingetsu
Supervisor – Whitesora
Editor – xIceArcher

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon (Inactive)
Translator – Knightfall
Supervisor and Editor – Hantsuki
Editor – Swordbane


Translator – Lynx_lai
Supervisor – msirp
Editor – Simon

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
Translator – HandsomeBoh
Supervisor – hikaslap

Mayo Chiki (Inactive)
Translator – Nurin
Supervisor – Whitesora
Editor – Kami
Editor – DudeLong

No Game, No Life (Dropped)
Translator – Eternal Dreamer
Supervisor – Hantsuki
Editor – DudeLong
Editor – Elenrod

Ojamajo Doremi 16 (Inactive)
Translator – Misa-chan
Supervisor – Whitesora
Editor – Elenrod

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai
Translator – NanoDesu
Supervisor – Whitesora
Editor – hikaslap
Editor – Saki

Qualidea of Scum and a Gold Coin
Translator – Frog-kun
Supervisor/Editor – msirp
Editor – CoffeeFlux

Rokka no Yuusha
Translator – Zero Ender
Supervisor – hikaslap

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata
Translator – Steel
Supervisor – msirp
Editor – Leonard
Editor – Wing

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (Inactive)
Translator – NanoDesu
Supervisor – Hantsuki
Editor – Kirato
Editor – Saki

Sasami-san @ Ganbaranai
Translator/Supervisor -NanoDesu
Editor – Mithradates

Seitokai no Ichizon (Inactive)
Translator – Jet Zanber
Supervisor – Hantsuki
TLC – KuroiHikari
Editor – mbamg
Editor – wongbbw

Sekai Game
Translator – jonathanasdf
Supervisor – msirp
Editor – Ra1nfall

Sugar Dark
Translator – Zero Ender
Superviso/Editor – Hantsuki

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru (Dropped)
Translator – Nanodesu (Volume 1)
Translator – Frog-kun (Volume 2 onwards)
Supervisor – Hantsuki
Editor – Einander
Editor – msirp

Staff Emiritus
Emeritus Senior Supervisor – Hantsuki
Emeritus Supervisor – Rhymes with Melody
Emeritus Translation Admin – Kira
Emeritus Translator – BJ-Bu
Emeritus Translator – florza
Emeritus Translator – halozy
Emeritus Translator – Hayashi
Emeritus Translator – Knightfall
Emeritus Translator – Wintermance
Emeritus Veteran Editor – meh
Emeritus Editor – bestnumber?8721
Emeritus Editor – Eira
Emeritus Editor – kh.hayate
Emeritus Editor – Saki
Emeritus Editor – Circa91
Emeritus Editor – Irrelevant
Emeritus Editor – Shr3ddy66
Emeritus Editor – Unknownterror
Emeritus Typesetter – Lord Simon

DISCLAIMER: The work translated on any NanoDesu translation website is the legal property of its original copyright holder. It is translated there without monetary incentive solely for the purposes of promoting domestic interest in the work and improving personal language proficiency.

Any or all content of this website will be deleted upon the establishment of an official license for translation of this work into English or upon request by any of the original copyright holders for this work.

13 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Dear NanoDesu-san:
    Hajimemashite. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. I live in Pakistan and really enjoy reading light novels. I’ve been following Baka-Tsuki’s major works. However, they have stopped updating two of my favorites-Hidan no Aria and Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi. If you could somehow translate novels 11 onward for Hidan no Aria and Vols.5 onward for Itsuka I’d really appreciate it. If you can’t, is there anyway you guys could get me a summary of the novels. I really want to know what happened to Hinata-from Itsuka and if Kinji’s brother ever made any more appearances in the later novels.
    Arigatou gozaimasu. Kore kare mo gambatte kudasai.

    • Hi bro,
      Khushi hui yeh jaankar ki aapko LNs pasand hai. As for your queries,
      1. Hidan no Aria is sadly Licensed. That means that we can’t do that.
      2. Itsuga Usagi is actually in the hands of BT, and we generally don’t pick up light novels which are already being TLed by some other group/person.
      3. If you really want to ask people about the summary, why don’t you join our forums? Our translators generally gather there, and maybe of someone has read it, he may be able to give you answers.

        • Holy shit i thought that you were a guy. Sorry about that. 😛 Oh, btw, i forgot to mention that you can even get in touch with us through the IRC Channel. We are on IRCRizon.net, and our room name is #nanodesu
          PS: Do you understand Hindi? And where are you from in Pakistan? A pen-friend of mine was from Lahore.

  2. Hello was wondering if you could recommend a machine translator for japanese, Korean, Chinese to English Thanks in advance.in advance.

    • Tushar Nallaballe-san: It’s not easy for me to chat. That’s why I usually stick to messages and e-mail. Yes, I’m from Lahore. I’ve watched lots of Hindi movies, but mostly pre-2000. After that, Indian cinema just changed so much I didn’t feel comfortable keeping up. I did see Ghunday though-my mom likes Arjun Kapoor. Take care. Sincerely, Bashiek

  3. I am killing to read Sakurasou no pet na kanojo right now saddly the project is inactive 😦 anyone knows if the project will be back soon or maybe where i can find all the volumes translate?

    • There are in depth summaries somewhere floating on the web. Google it, and pray that the boss himself will one day continue it. ( Tho I feel like the day won’t ever come. )

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