Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When will you update the translation for (insert title here)?

A translator will update a project once he/she finishes translating the section/chapter. We don’t have a set time for when a certain project will be updated since our translators are not robots programmed by Google Translate, but real people who also sometimes have real life stuff to deal with. Please be patient with us.

How do I get notified when a project I’m following is updated?

There are four ways to see if a project is updated. First, a sticky on our main page will be updated with “Chapters Completed in Recent Weeks.” This sticky will contain the updates for the last three weeks, and we update this every Saturday. Just scroll down to see the updated chapters on a specific week.

We also post updates in our Twitter and Facebook account. For more information about this, look at the right side for our Twitter Feed and Facebook.

Lastly, you can check out mangaupdates to see if any of our projects have been updated.

Can you start a translation for (insert title here)?

Sorry, but we don’t translate projects by request.

How does your group pick the translation projects it undertakes?

Our translators are free to pick projects they are interested in and want to work on. They have the freedom to translate whatever they want, of course as long as it does not contain explicit content.

Do you accept donations?

We don’t accept donations. However, you can support us by recommending our site to other people.

I am a member/administrator of a non-English translation group, and we would like to translate your translation of (insert title here) into another language. Are we allowed to do this?

Yes, you are allowed to do this as long as you notify and send us an email at nanodesuadmin@googlegroups.com. Of course, you need to give credits to NanoDesu Translations, the translator and the editor(s) of the project.

I’d like to help out. What can I do, and how do I sign up?

If you’re interested in joining the team, you can click here for more information.

40 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hello:) Are there any plans on translating the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni novels? The Kodansha ones. Or at least those 4 side stories (Nekogoroshi-hen, Kuradashi-hen, Kuradashi-hen Zoku, Hajisarashi-hen)?
    Since this site is called “NanoDesu”…^^ :3

  2. Do you guys plan on translating Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai? From what i heard, volume 3 was released recently after a long break and the guy who translated volumes 1 and 2 quitted translating and wont do v3…

  3. Plz answer is it possible for u to translate mondaiji tachi ga isekai kara kuru desu yo from where magref the translator from Baka-tsuki left of ?Plz answer i really want this series translated.

  4. about how you guys handle images, when you make a pdf i noticed that images are (or seem to be) added by just putting a image into a word document instead of actually adding the image as a page individually. i dont know the reason for this, whether its to reduce file size or time or whatever, but since this is the case and often when the image is in landscape instead of portrait you cant see it very clearly. would it be possible to have an illustration page with links to all images (both colour pages and non-colour pages) at their original size and quality?

        • Well, my best advice would be that sometimes one of our translators wants to start a new project and doesn’t know which one to pick, in which case we open up a suggestion thread on the main site (this site). These aren’t popularity polls – they literally just want to know the names of some titles that might interest them. That would be the best moment for you to suggest this title.

  5. Hello!
    Ummm, i’m not saying this as a request, since you guys do not accept requests, but it would be great if -one day- you considered Owari no Seraph’s light novels. Thank you.

    • We are a non-profit group, doing this purely out of desire for self-improvement and love of light novels. Taking money for that would be contrary to our mission statement. We really appreciate the thought, but if you want to support us the best way is still to just spread the word about our work to your friends.

  6. Hello.
    I have seen thats your are translate Amagi Brilliant Park (Novel) . So the Artist is Nakajima Yuka.
    Are there maybe any plans for a translation of he Novle Papa no iukoto o kikinasai?
    Aother group have stopped the translation so maybe a other group can pcik the project ist also in 18 Volumes complete.

    • For now, I don’t think so… But hey, you can pray someone apply as translator for ND and take it up, or maybe SoraSky somehow activated God Mode and translates it along with Amaburi.

  7. Hi. I am from Fighting Dreamers Scanlations, and despite the name to date we have mainly worked on Light Novels to date. Would you or any of your staff be willing to work with us on Slayers Special as a joint project? We would provide the RAWs, you could translate and we could both release our own copy. How does that sound?

    • Hi there,

      That sounds more like a commission than a partnership, considering the translation process is so time-intensive compared to the time it takes to find a raw…

      Either way, we do not assign our translators projects. Rather, they pick their own projects, so there really isn’t anyone we can assign this to. So unfortunately we have to refuse. Thank you for your suggestion though.

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