UPDATE (9/8/2015 UTC+0 3:17AM): Thanks everyone for your votes! Write-in votes have now been disabled.

UPDATE (9/14/2015): POLL IS

Hi all,

We are coming to the point where our ND Academy students must choose series for their final projects. Many of the students are still unsure about what projects to pick, so this is where you all come in. We will be starting FIVE projects (for five students), so there is a lot of room for suggestions. Also, keep in mind that NDA projects may not become full public NDTL projects, but there is a good chance they will.

NOTE: A series winning this poll does *NOT* guarantee that it will be picked up. The NDA students will be ultimately be picking their projects, but higher ranked series will be more visible and may be more likely to be selected.


(1) One vote per person.

(2) Voting will close in ONE WEEK, on September 13 (11:59PM UTC+00).

(3) If the series you would like to vote for is not in the poll, please write it into the space allotted next to the “Other” choice. Be careful to not add a series that is already on the poll.

(4) Series containing at least one of the following have a higher chance of success:

– Antihero protagonist.

– Video game elements.

– Fantasy/action elements (like Blade Dance)

– Tragedy (but not horror).

(5) Do not suggest licensed projects or projects with active human translations that have completed more than 1 full volume. Light Novel versions of Web Novel series that are being translated do not count for this rule. We are not checking for this now, but when we tally votes and make our decision we will disqualify all series that violate this rule.

(6) Only Japanese series.

(7) No series with 18+ content.

(8) If you would like to explain your choice or add any details to your vote, please leave a comment below. A particularly good comment explaining why a series is good can be much more persuasive than a vote count.

Happy voting everyone!

IF YOU CANNOT SEE THE POLL, USE THIS ALTERNATE LINK: https://polldaddy.com/poll/9063500/

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206 thoughts on “ND Academy LN Project Poll! *FIVE NEW PROJECTS WILL BE CHOSEN!*

  1. Glory to the potential return of Seitokai no Ichizon which is one of my favorite series ever. The story telling method is well done and the comedy is great. The author really immerses you into the events and honestly, it’s one of the series I want translated most.

  2. I recommend The Tenth Continent, because in part it seems interesting and mysterious. For one, you guys can easily review the story by heading over to FlowerBridgeToo’s website where he has done a chapter as a synopsis. Two, it might pull in a slightly different crowd as it isn’t purely female focused and thus might draw a new type of crowd to the website. Also the title causes speculation, like “What’s up with the tenth continent?” That’s primarily why I think you should do The Tenth Continent for y’all’s new project.

  3. I knew a grand total of zero of these series prior to this post. Now I want to read two.

    The struggles of not knowing Japanese and being too lazy to commit to learning a fourth language…

  4. I have a question for ND Academy. Isn’t Elvenblood an active project being translated by Krytyk? He even said he’d be releasing another chapter I think, though I don’t know when. Don’t want to vote for it and then find out that the vote was invalid as its already being translated by someone. Would rather vote for something else then. Thank you!!

  5. All of them has potential to become a good story from I’ve been reading (the synopsis I mean and anime). but I don’t know about The Tenth Continent, can’t find it at google.
    oh also, Elvenblood. if I’m not mistaken Krytyk’s Translation has been working on it or maybe are you going to join work on it?
    also Ore to Kanojo ga Geboku de Dorei de Shuujuu Keiyaku too, has a group/translation site that works on it. though I don’t know whether they are still continuing or not.
    well, been a while since I’ve visited a lot of translation website so maybe I miss something from what I said.
    Anyway, I’m enjoying which ever LN you pick. they are good. but if I were to pick one then Seitokai no Ichizon or The Tenth Continent (I’m curious about this).

  6. Elvenblood – currently being translated by Krytyk

    Magdala de Nemure – Teh_ping said that he still intends to translate it. After finishing Hikaru.

    Denpa Onna – I am not sure about the project status, but I still see it on manga updates every now and then. So it’s probably active.

    Onii-ai – Guhehe still working on it, I think?

    Ore to Kanojo ga Geboku – Entruce said he wants to pick it up. Still no further news tho.

    So in conclusion you need to vote for Gate.

    • Gate is good an all, but aren’t the manga and anime already pretty far ahead? Granted the LN is different, but similar enough so that a reader would get less out of GATE than an equally good but totally untranslated project. Just my two cents.

      • GATE manga has been published for more than 4 years and it’s just barely past halfway the story, and light novel translation are usually released way faster (also they’re already done and the manga is just an adaptation). They could also translate the Gaiden stories, since they (supposedly) have less political bullshit.
        That said, people who tried to translate the LN gave up because of the ‘nippon stronk and kind, foreigners bitches’ arguments.

  7. I have voted for Other and typed in Mitou Shoukan: //Blood Sign. Ever since js06 decided to drop his translation, I have been dying to read it. Fun summoning system. Crazy characters like a pseudo-imouto who is willing to take her calling as an imouto way too far. A protagonist who screwed over the world and wants to atone. I say do this one. Do it, please~

  8. I voted for Outbreak Company, but in absence of a need for it would also suggest
    – Kamisana Inai no Nichiyoubi
    – Ore to Kanojo ga Geboku de Dorei de Shuujuu Keiyaku
    – Seitokai no Ichizon
    – Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou

    • I would also like to see a translation of the Arifureta LN.
      Fits the 4th rule perfectly (Broken as hell MC) and only the WN is being translated (Although it’s been on hiatus for nearly 4 months T_T).

      Also thanks for mentioning Full Metal Panic! Another didn’t knew about it, I hoped it would be a gender reversal of the first one, guess I was right!

  9. Translations for Sunday Without God (Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi) would be sick.
    Nothing else really interests me though, most of it seems like it’d be typical harem, school stuff or already has a good anime (mostly only Shinsekai Yori and GATE on that last one), though I’d also like to read more Denpa Onna but I can also go without it.
    I’ll leave a recommendation though (I’m voting for Sunday Without God anyway) and that is I Kinda Came to Another World, but Where’s the Way Home? (Isekai Kichattakedo Kaerimichi doko?) which was translated by Yoraikun as a teaser, would be awesome if you guys picked that up, highly recommend it.

  10. What about Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin guys? Since the anime adaption, I have been so hooked into that. Mystery theme with lots of plot twist, built on the background of finding treasure, I saw no reason for it to not be translated.

  11. Magdala is already being translated by Teh Ping, just saying.

    Jinrui and Seitokai are my choices for now, Ken is full of win.

  12. i’m putting my vote for Gate, however i would personally like one of the translation spots be towards making the Gekka no Utahime to Magi no Ou project active again.

  13. Glad Gate is getting good polling. /AK/ has been slooooooooooooooow. Why is Tenth Continent there though I though it had to be japanese only, isnt that korean or chinese? Mangaupdates says its been fully translated too

    • Yeah it’s only Japanese. We’re not really checking if all the write-in votes follow all the rules (would be hell if we tried), so we’ll just disqualify series like that later. And if people want to vote for that without reading the rules they’ve wasted a vote :/.

    • Gate is slow not because of /AK/ but because it’s a monthly series. Manga adaptions of light novels are typically published in monthly magazines so it’s not like they can speed up the publication itself.

  14. Cool to get more projects going but wouldnt it make more sense if you focused on projects you are already doing and assign the free translators to your more popular novels to hasten translations?

  15. I vouch for Mitou Shoukan://Blood Sign. It’s only a teaser project on baka-tsuki and unfortunately dropped. The series has an intricate system for battles that is akin to a video game and different from the typical fair. Plus, summoning from other realms is key to the plot thus adding fantasy and action elements. As mentioned before, the protagonist is one who’s trying to atone for his mess.

  16. Shirou Koukoku no Monogatari

    Some of you may recognize this series from the manga, but for newcomers let me get something out of the way. The main character is a reincarnate, BUT that’s a minor point and others have commented that it’s an unnecessary one that seems like an add-on.

    The winning features of this series are two: political/military battles and the h-word we so love. Two words: Functional harem. Each harem member has a brain of their own and contributes to our main characters kingdom. For more, see animesuki.

  17. for me i want to suggest the following

    -Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku
    -Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records
    -Ore ga Heroine o Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushiroku!?

  18. I personally recommend Kuro no Hiera Glaphicos. The series isnt done by anyone and has 13 volumes last I check. So there is plenty of material to sustain us. There is a also an in-depth review on animesuki and code zero blog and you should really check the review out.

  19. Technically speaking, Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai should be disqualified since there are just 2 volumes, both translated. Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sarereba II yo ne should also be disqualified since, though snail pace, there’s already a group working on it.
    However, Kami-sama no Memo-chou, while it has several volumes done, it’s effectively dropped (no interested translators at B-T), so I believe it should be eligible.

      • As I ackowledged in a reply to a later post.

        Third volume was a ninja release published two weeks before the second anime ended its broadcasting and two and a quarter years after the second one, which in its afterword hinted that it was the last, and so sudden that I didn’t find any mention about it being in the works the week before the second anime started airing.

        I only found about that third book when checking the wikipedia page for the series just yesterday.

      • Volume 4 is fully translated (but not fully proofread), and from what the guys at guhehe have hinted (and I seem to recall that they’ve confirmd it), OniiAi is not a series they will drop if possible (as shown by the additional fact that most of their banners are OniiAi related).

  20. As has been said above, Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai already has 2 translated volumes, though I’m not sure about how the translation is right now.

    Also, Knights and Magic and Psycho Love Comedy both have at least 2 full volumes finished with an ongoing human translation, so these could be disqualified.

    • this novel need to disqualification i wish…..we could have a verification Unit(if novels are have volumes/chinese/koreans) for these novels to be translated

    • The translation quality is well enough.

      I’ve checked with Japanese wikipedia and it seems that there’s a third novel, which seems weird since novel 1 was suppossed to be a 1-shot thing, but a second novel was written before the 1st anime was broadcasted that, at least accroding to the author, brought things to a close as it tied up the remaining loose ends, and even whrn the 2nd anime ended I found no signs of a 3rd novel…
      It was a ninja release (volume 1 entered a contest and was published on 6/1/2011 after some changes, plus the obligation to write a second one, published on 12/28/2011; the 3rd one, meanwhile, was published 3/14/2014, 2 weeks before the second series broadcasting finished).

      However, the original translator seems to have taken down both already translated novels, so scrap out my “this one should be disqualified” (OniiAi, however, should still be).

  21. Gate – Thus the JSDF Fought There

    It has anime, a manga, and several side-stories for manga, that’s how good it is. The fact that it has no TL for novel is a great pain to the readers.

    You can see its popularity. The potential to rival Mushouku Tensei, and Shield Hero!

  22. Argh!!!! Too many novels that are good. Rather than a vote count, just have the translator choose a project that he/she instead. No good if the translator is made to translate something that that he doesn’t know about, dislikes and ends up abandoning it. It’s not like we can give donations to motivate the translator either, since ND doesn’t accept donations. Fuck democracy, dictatorship FTW lol.

    • NOTE: A series winning this poll does *NOT* guarantee that it will be picked up. The NDA students will be ultimately be picking their projects, but higher ranked series will be more visible and may be more likely to be selected.

      Please read carefully.
      They will choose their own projects. They’re not being obligated…

      • Don’t worry I read that part. It’s just that…. I’m totally unable to decide which LN I’d like the most among this entire list. Me talking about translators choice and stuff, is just a way of covering up my indecisiveness lol. Also Arifureta has 10 volumes translated, its a WN not a LN and it hasn’t been declared as abandoned(not sure bout this part). So it should be disqualified I think.

  23. I’d personally love to see world break translations continue, I actually liked the anime adaptation till they went anime original and going by what very little has been translated so far it seems like they cut out a huge amount of content. I’d suggest people go and read the first few chapters of what was translated on BT to see what a huge difference it is from the anime.

    I’d also have to agree with a majority of the comments about gate. The LN isn’t that much different then the anime/manga and with both being so far ahead translations would take forever ot catch up. If you guys did pick it up maybe starting from vol3 would be advisable.

  24. i would like to add Monku no Tsukeyou ga Nai Rabukome[ due its interesting character on it + story progression ] if you are interested check the manga of it

  25. Magi’s Grandson [http://japtem.com/projects/magis-grandson-toc/]
    Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru! [https://isekaimahou.wordpress.com/isekai-no-mahou-table-of-contents/]
    Shinka no Mi [http://raisingthedead.ninja/current-projects/#Shinka]
    Re:Monster [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ljoXDy-ti5N7ZYPbzDsj5kvYFl3lEWaJ1l3Lzv1cuuM/preview]
    Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou [https://durasama.wordpress.com/arifureta-chapters/]
    Sayonara Ryuusei Konnichiwa Jinsei [https://binhjamin.wordpress.com/sayonara-ryuusei-konnichiwa-jinsei/volume-1/]
    Ore to Kanojo ga Geboku de Dorei de Shuujuu Keiyaku [https://entruce.wordpress.com/projects/oksk-chapters/]

    All taken…. People never read anything. They may be slow to update, but seriously. http://i.qkme.me/3tgieo.jpg

  26. Ahh. Just voted for GATE and then remembered there are almost ideal LN for you — Tate no yuusha no nariagari.
    Its about MMORPG(VG element) setting fantasy world(+Fantasy element) with jewish MC who hate everyone (+AH protagonist). And especially he hates womens after some accident with a girl in this fantasy world(+not tragedy, but close).
    There is WebNovel translation, but it’s machine translation with lots of translation errors and almost no editing after 30-40 chapters or so. In addition LN start to differ from WebNovel after 3 volumes.
    You can check first arc on B-T. It’s realy good and deserve translation.

    Sorry for my poor English, I’m not native speaker 8(

  27. – Antihero protagonist.

    – Video game elements.

    – Fantasy/action elements (like Blade Dance)

    – Tragedy (but not horror).

    Secret Honey Trap probably has all of these.


    • I want this! It has a pretty cover!

      Also, the reason why imperfectluck stopped translating Villainess Brother Reincarnation was because the author hasn’t updated in a while, I believe. I suggest checking if the author has updated his series if you guys pick a web novel project.

  28. Ever since i read the manga ive been aware of the Light Novel and has been longing to read Mismarka Koukoku no Monogatari since it seems to contain everything i could ever wish to read about. Political strife’s and intrigue, romance and drama, mature yet somewhat light in a couple of parts and just a badass MC who kinda is OP yet he’s not since ive only seen him being sharpwitted and using his (silver) tongue to progress matters.

    I would also like to suggest Yuusha ni horobosareru dake no kantanna oshigotodesu. i dont really know much about it but it seems awesome as hell. a synposis from Immortaltear.wordpress: When the life of the young Nakajima Ryo concludes, his soul is picked by a mysterius young girl that refers to herself as the majin. She’s going to reincarnate his soul in another world in order to replace the maou that was killed by the hero. Thus Nakajima Ryo is reincarnated as maou Vermdoll (Verumudooru) in the world of Remfilia 120 years after the fall of the previos maou. Now with the aid of his great power and his companions (which also includes 2 maid knights), the tale of conquest of the new maou begins.

    Wish you the best of luck future TLers and i hope you find a project you like!

  29. People keep adding LN/WN that even can be found on Baka-Tsuki like Psycho Love Comedy, or Re:Monster that can be found on re:Translations

  30. this was a seriously hard choice between Seitokai no Ichizon and Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi i would really love it if both were to be translated, but at the end i really want to see how Seitokai no Ichizon ends.

  31. I think it should be
    Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru! (altho he hasnt indicated that he dropped it, the guy has disappeared so might as well assume so)



  32. Ore ga Ojou-sama Gakkou ni “Shomin Sample” Toshite Rachirareta Ken.

    How about this light novel? seems to be inactive no update for the next volume!

  33. You should have made a little description about the LN, because it will be hard for good novels like “Escape Speed” or “Psycho Love Comedy” which doesnt have anime, and now the hype on Gate will favor that LN… crap it will take some long time until i can read ES :´c

  34. I just randomly click guys I don’t even know one of these novels coz I just know this site from binggodude lol , please add tag in the novels or little synopsis for information that will help thank you so much 😀

  35. I just wanted to say that yes, Vermillion got a ton of votes thanks to Sheeprabbit linking this poll, but

    1) We are all real and genuinely interested in the Vermillion.
    2) I’ve personally read many of NanoDesu’s projects, but never visited the main site, so Sheeprabbit’s link merely let me know of the existence of this poll. I would still qualify as part of NanoDesu’s reader base wouldn’t I?
    3) I choose to vote for Vermillion after careful consideration and actually doing research on every single title I saw in the poll. I disqualified some series from contention because they already had decent anime or manga adaptations or enough exposure that they would have a translator anyways, decided that Happy Life already had a translator (even if the English is terrible) and had little chance of gathering many votes, and voted for Vermillion because it was the best choice, and not because Sheeprabbit said so.
    4) Sheeprabbit is vouching for the quality of Vermillion and after reading the teaser and synopsis, I think there should be little doubt that Vermillion will be genuinely interesting.
    5) It’s not like we all voted for Vermillion anyways. Many voted for something else #rebels

      • Nope lol. I only started visiting translator sites after discovering sheeprabbit. Before that, I basically only read stuff on Baka Tsuki. The amount of LNs I’ve started reading has more than quintupled thanks to Estelion.

        There’s a forum? I don’t see one? I’m a lurker at heart anyways, I only commented for the first time on sheeprabbit’s site a few days ago. I’m not a good writer, and I like to delete things I’ve typed up because they end up too rambling and chaotic or aren’t productive (arguments on the internet are always like that), so that’s why I tend to avoid participation in the community.

        No. Seizon already has an anime and a half.

      • Ugh. Just realized that. Oh well. Too late.
        Um on the sidebar there should be a huge ND FORUM link there.
        (Feels sad as the mod.)
        Oh come on, we need more Seizon!


        • Ah I see it now. It’s easy to miss stuff like that when your using a 4K monitor #firstworldproblems

          Forums look kinda dead anyways though 😀 The largest board is the off topic board that is mostly forums games lol

          While I would certainly like to see more Seizon, there’s at least 10 other novels without much content for them that I’d like to see translated first.

  36. Well. I say FMP….. But honestly I’d rather see kanojo geboku, vermilliron or shinko no mi
    …… Or “I kinda came to another world but wheres the way home” yoraikun started it as a teaser.

  37. I happy that i’m not the one select “Shinigami wo Tabeta Shoujo”, at least 4ppl are same as me.

    PS. I love to see Guin Saga translated too but consider how long story is, it will be like a nightmare for free translator.

  38. -Denpa onna to seishun no otoko have an active translator on baka-tsuki
    -Re:monster is it 18+??
    -Psycho love comedy have an active translator ( he has 4 volumes done)
    -Knights and magis have an activa translator ( dunno if it’s ln ver. or not )
    – kamisu reina : the translator say he will finish it in near future.

  39. This is a review for Isekai Meikyuu Saishinbu wo Mezasou by amatsunagi I found on animesuki forums. It’s for the wn but i thought it would be valid for the ln as I doubt much has changed. I thought I should share as it’s a really in-depth review for a nice series

    Young man Kanami doesn’t know how he got there… a dark corridor of unknown place where he panicked and almost killed by both human and monster. After surviving and managed to get out, he found himself in a world different than he know. Utilizing the system of status and skill, Kanami is set to conquer the deepest part of the labyrinth, all to return to his home world.

    This work is covered with a simple synopsis akin to a canvas with a single color of black on it. When I first read the synopsis, it’s just “well, maybe worth a try…” and I was expecting the usual cliches and tropes found in narou. And what I got? staring into the darkness of the black, I can’t take my eyes off from it… yup, an addiction, this works has a charm to it that I cannot explain.

    Is it the charm of heroic story where protagonist become a hero?
    is it the charm of romance where heroines are individualistic?
    is it the charm of an epic where developments are filled with adrenaline?

    Nah, the charm cannot be expressed in catchphrases like that. First off, Protagonist Kanami is emotionally unstable… he, a young man who can be described as ordinary, suddenly in an unknown place where he doesn’t know right and left, nor the memories of how he got there. Still in his puzzlement, he soon encountered humans, chased by monster. These people is suspicious of him, and so they make Kanami a bait for the monster, and of course, the monster attacked him. attacked by both sides, he soon succumb into a state of hysteria and at this time an unknown skill activated forcing him to calm down his emotion so he can survive through this predicament. Later after he survived (also throwing up from his first killing), he learn that he indeed, is in another world. Not knowing way back to his own world, failed to found a safe way to earn lots of money, trauma from entering the dungeon, world of violence, world where slaves are normal, etc, etc…

    every time things happen, his mind would start to get into disorder and the skill would activate, forcing him to kill his emotion, which fuel his instability. Later Kanami would meet people who are also as problematic as him… A noble girl who takes interest to Kanami, and seems to hide more…darkness behind her eyes; a girl who cross dressed as a boy dreaming to become a great swordsman despite her talent is more on the magic side; A slave girl who lost her memories; a monster girl who yearn for love

    A series of surging emotion, wishes, suffering, disorder, irrationality, doubt, mission, lingering regret, happiness, despair, dream, past, comrades, scheme, nobles, all of these things are tangled in this black story… Now, will you also peek what is inside the deepest part of labyrinth with him?

  40. thx for the chance to pick vote for the new project!
    btw some of the ln suggested there seems to already have translator(s) doing them altho many of them hasn’t realeased a volume yet and about the active or not really depends on your opinion, but i think it will cause some conflict if you were to pick someone’s else project. But most of the novels that’s already have translator(s) doing them didn’t seem to be voted much so it’s ok.
    And for that gate, i think there was some rape scene in the manga, idk about the novel, but won’t that break the #7 rule?

  41. >Shinigami wo Tabeta Shoujo
    This is a hidden gem, perhaps equal with that loli wartales in my opinion. It was a story of tragedy, hypocrite, Jokes on Hannibal Barca, war, betrayal, and how history is written.
    It has a teaser, not full project here http://avertranslation.org/shinigami-wo-tabeta-shoujo/

    It has 3 point from 4 requirement
    – Antihero protagonist. Yes, the MC was at the “evil” empire side. Fighting against the “justice” liberation army.
    – Video game elements. Nope
    – Fantasy/action elements (like Blade Dance) Yes, and both of them.
    – Tragedy (but not horror). The author is infamous for his bittersweet story.

    Author other glorious work such as a maiden who call herself a hero, or possibly a demon (A story about broken hero who already passed over her stress endurance, pressured by the whole world to fight against the demon king then left alone by all her companion)

    • A massive number of readers disagree with you. Gate is a series worth reading, even if we couldnt find a TL to stick with it past chapter 1.
      in case you genuinely dont understand I will list its good point:
      1. Likeable characters. From the main chars who got most of screen time, down to a minor char like that general hakama command JSDF force. The manga artist has done the novel justice in depict them so~.
      2. Gun versus magic setting, in this case would be a force of modern army operate in a magic setting. Powerful gun meet fearsome beast and versatile magic. Either side has its strong points to show, not overbalance. This is a rare thing.
      3. A strong worldbuilding setting. The world is colourful and rich in details, full of mystery. According to manga, even the latest chapter has just shown a hint of who open the biggest mystery, the Gate. No clue as to why. Kingdoms, Empire, self dominion dark elves tribe…
      4. political intrigue: from real world/Earth intrigues, to Empire.
      5. Romans! With sword and shield! Dragon! Flying and dogfight with aircraft….
      It’s too much to list.
      It’s no wonder that the main novel spawn one manga, two more side manga to deal with side issue, an anime, and two version of light novel.

          • Quality huh…

            The anime is fine, since it tones everything down, but aren’t the light novels the same as the novels? And I heard that the novels were the most nationalistic of all. I’m just going by the manga here, but it was already written like complete garbage.


            – Pseudo Roman Empire depicted as evil brutes who use military force to get what they want
            – Evil, cunning and greedy Americans, Chinese and Russians depicted as even MORE evil who use military force to get what they want
            – Grorious Nippon soldiers do the exact same to the empire, but are portrayed as heroes


            – Derpy Roman Prince who’s so evil he drags raped women around on a massive keychain
            > naturally, one of them is a poor Japanese woman
            – For some reason the JSDF is so glorified you just happen to have hot women in it, including this one chick who is for some reason so skilled at cloes-quarters combat, she easily defeats male soldiers one after another


            – Cheesy scenes of the JSDF going in and helping these poor citizens pushing wagons (with cheesy music accompanying in the anime)
            – Derpy wanktastic scene where this Imperial Princess gives this whole speech about how Japan is this gryphon whom the empire has provoked by attacking its beloved young and THIS is the result! (arms raised for dramatic effect)

            I mean, yeah, who can begrudge guns vs dragons. And it’s not like I dislike other country’s nationalism. I enjoyed Mahouka just fine because at least the writing was retarded and hypocritical. And it’s fine if you guys can ignore that, because you love Rory best Loli or the guns and tanks and everything else.

            The anime naturally tones things down further than the manga, and honestly the production values are really good. But don’t people say the novels are even worse than the manga? I mean, I don’t think that it shouldn’t be translated. Given how many fans there are, many of my friends included, I really hope they get their translation.

            But “in case you genuinely dont understand”? You’re acting as though it’s some genius story that has something for everyone, when rather it’s a highly flawed story that only draws in certain people.

            • The first point I wish to make, is that any genre has its cliches, and you need to get past the cliches to get on with the story.If you cant get past them, you simply wont enjoy story. Do you enjoy Gate, despite all its cliche?

              The second point, is that you are not in your den any more. Venture out of your protection zone and poke your nose into beehive, meaning you are going to get spanked, the kind of spankings we, I, refrain to do so in your own den for the sake of the host (meaning you). Are you ready?

              I will point it out that you are the guy who like fluffy story, meaning your taste is different from the intended demographic of Gate, I am guessing here that you like romance more than military genre. That is why you look at the story’s weak points and poke it apart. In a sense it’s nothing bad if you do the same thing to ALL genre. I doubt you do that to your favourite novels, however.

              The Gate genre is military porn. Three characteristics of its is its prevalence of cliches, its lack of especially surprising twist (unlike romance) and its rereadablity. There will be a lot of cliches and any who criticise their existence in a military porn is simply… one who doesnt read enough. There are a lot of cliche in Gate, can you get past that?

              Sure, Romans can be described as good, read Clan Formal/Italica city state. Sure US, China, and Empire politicians planning evil thing, while capitalist politician of Japan who demand a ruinous war reparation is not evil. You are cherry picking your argument, sheesh~ As for hot japanese female soldier http://www.dagospia.com/img/foto/07-2013/military-woman-japan-250943.jpg and you can image google yourselves

              The second point of military porn is that its lack of surprising twist. The twist generally need preparations chapter and chapters ago or readers would accuse author of deus ex machina. It’s very rare to pull wool over its reader in such matter. The logic inherent in military porn ensure that. Can you get past the lack of surprising twist? Because Gate simply doesnt have any without foreshadowing it quite a bit in bits and pieces here and there. You want a twist like in a romance novel, there’s none.

              The third point is that military porn must be rereadable. You must be able to reread it at least twice, but generally three or four times, simply to check. Any book that can not afford its rereadablity, is not a good book of the genre. You reread Gate, period.Reading ahead is not a problem. Unlike romance is rereadable maximum twice. I guess, i am not a heavy romance reader.

              Anime? I got nothing.

              Conclusion? You got sore because Vermillion get dropped to second place. Get over it! Beside, just because it stand at 1st place doesnt mean it will get picked to TL. Damn thing is an actual novel, translators generally run away at top speed.

              /rant off
              /Gate fan mode off

              • 1) No. And it isn’t about cliches, so you apparently don’t understand my complaint.
                2) Hah. You think I’m afraid of stating my opinion?


                “Conclusion? You got sore because Vermillion get dropped to second place.”
                Even since you started commenting on darkkaito’s deviant art, you have probably been the single person I’ve despised the most on the internet. Everywhere you go, you spew mindless cancer.

                To begin with, my Vermillion votes were only supposed to be a temporary thing to gain attention. Considering how few readers I had, I didn’t even expect it to hit first on the 1st day, let alone stay first for the whole week.

                Honestly, you’ve always like such a little know-it-all, stating this and that about the world like it’s fact. Like that time when you plagiarised somebody’s Shield Hero translations, and spewed your whole “3 options for a translator” bullshit like it was fact. Or that time when you spoke about “MTLs, MATLs and TLs” like it was fact.

                Honestly, you don’t know anything about me, and you didn’t know even that I’ve hated GATE ever since I read that derp-as-fuck manga last year. But you still had the guts to assume I was salty… because… what? I could read the story anyway, but still got emotional that it didn’t stay 1st place on a poll whose positions don’t determine what gets translated to begin with?

                And your argument? I’m cherry picking? Hahaha, of course I pick the worst examples in there, but if you think that overall GATE isn’t still massively nationalist, then good for you, but don’t think you’re convincing anybody.

                To begin with, what was your whole argument even. Cliches? Military porn? What the fuck have you even been on about. I wasn’t even criticising GATE’s shallow plot. I was simply pointing out that it’s not such a masterpiece that suggests that people who don’t understand its appeal are all crazy.

                It’s basically Coiling Dragon-tier writing.

          • Pretty sure the writing in Gate can’t compare to any of these:

            Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita
            Usotsuki Mii-kun to Kowareta Maa-chan
            Kamisama no Memo-Chou
            Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari

            Just face it. Gate is basically the same sort of stuff as Coiling Dragon. Deserves to be translated, but it’s definitely not something so amazing that it’s crazy if somebody doesn’t understand the appeal. For me, it’s not the same as the guy above. I quite like “going around killing things with modern weapons.. ” but there are plenty of flaws so it doesn’t really warrant you saying “in case you genuinely dont understand “.

  42. need moar military anime, either Rune Trooper or Gate will do
    but, if Tasogare continue then it will be great, those hymmnos like spell arousing my chuuni bar ^_^

    lolosy tiria, etolu tisia…

  43. Are not Re:Monster and Magi’s Grandson being worked on already? Not sure of the status of Re:M, but Japtem has translated up to chapter 15 of MG.

  44. Go with Blood Sign!, There;s a cool fantasy setting with a game-like element during the battles. The main antagonist hhappens to be a yandere that was created by the MC and constantly torments him. And it’s created by the author of To Aru…what more do ya need.

    So when can we expect the results?

  45. Its been a month just about, what has been picked up? I dont see any news on Gate or Vermillion, just Chaika and Fire Girl which werent even top 5 or on the poll. Im a little confused.

  46. *laughs evilly as i translate Gate without asking*
    No,seriously though, i never knew someone had intended to translate Gate *shrugs*

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