Presenting the first class of ND Academy!

Hi guys!

After weeks of gruelling debate, arguments and bridge-burning, we here at ND are joined by 5 students, who together form the first class of ND Academy! Let us welcome them all and cheer them on as they begin their perilous journey to becoming full-fledged pokemon translators. Once everyone gets oriented, you can also expect to see some of the fruits of their labor, so look forward to it!

Also, just a reminder that when ND Academy projects launch, we WILL NEED EDITORS FOR THEM (as well as for some other new projects we are planning)! So if you’re interested, please fill out an editor’s application (CLICK HERE!)

Without further ado, let’s introduce the cadets!

In alphabetical order:

blank placeholder for CynerisCyneris

Hello! My name is Cyneris, I am currently a college student in the US. I’ll leave my appearance to your imaginations >:D
Or maybe I’m just lazy. That’s up to your imagination too.
I’m starting off with ND as a ND Cadet, hopefully I’ll do well enough and learn enough so that I can join and help translate in the future! Genres that you can expect out of me are action with game elements to them and romances.


DarkArielDark Ariel7

Man… I hate writing these things. I always get lazy with them. Wait… maybe my Bio can be me winning about my Bio?
I doubt I can get away with only one sentence so… I am Dark Ariel7. I will be your new Overlord. Since there are no cash donation in NanoDesu you will pay your tributes in the form of lavish praise. If they be lacking your end will be swift. Or not. It depends on how I’m feeling that day. You may go now…. Also keep your expectations low. That really helps me out.


Hello, hello. I’ve been a fan of manga for a long time but only got into LNs in the past 2 years. I usually spend my time learning pointless things and sleeping. Fun fact. I have never bought or owned an umbrella and prefer to just get wet in the rain. That’s a lie. I’m just too lazy to buy one. My dream is to become an idol, but the only thing getting in the way of that is my crappy hair.





Speak not the Kaylalyak. Draw not the Kaylalyak. Write not the Kaylalyak. Scuplt not the Kaylalyak. Sing not the Kaylalyak. Write not bios about the Kaylalyak.

But seriously, hi, I’m ridiculously new. So new I’m not even in yet.





I’m tsunnyday. I have obnoxiously high standards and get bored easily. In addition to my weeb hobbies, I like fighting games, ping pong, programming, food, and ponytails. I moonlight as a 1337 h4xx0r. Even though I can see the ending, this game is hella glitchy.

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