NanoDesu Translations 34th Project: Vermillion!

It’s finally here! You spoke, we listened. Presenting to you our very first project by a student of ND Academy, Vermillion – Étranger à L’arc Rouge!!!

Head Translator: Cyneris

Synopsis: The Western VRMMO 『Demondal』was known for its extraordinarily harsh game system. To start, there were no levels. There were no skills. There were no guilds. There was no inventory. There were no convenient messaging or map functions of any kind. It was so unnecessarily realistic that it was basically a VR life simulator. The only game-like elements were proficiencies gained from wielding weapons and enhancing one’s physical strength. Since it was a fantasy game, magic did exist, although making a contract with a spirit was exceedingly difficult; only one percent of the player population were magicians. One day, the protagonist Kei, known for his mastery of horseback archery in the realistically medieval virtual world of 『Demondal』, and his Russian friend were transported to a parallel world. The originally severe game had just become more severe.

Our 34th project marks an important milestone for us. For the very first time in ND history, we are using a Japanese web novel as the main source, as well having it run by a student from ND Academy!!! 😀

Be sure to thank Cyneris-chan for giving us the translation for one of the top-ranked series in the poll! What do you think are the other titles our students from ND Academy have chosen?

Those who weren’t able to solve the puzzle can view the solution HERE.

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