3 DMCA’s received from Kadokawa

Hi all,

Today we received 3 DMCA’s from Kadokawa for Oreimo, Saekano, and Amaburi. Some of the content has already been removed, and we unfortunately will be shutting these projects down in their entireties over the next few days. Hopefully, this is a signal that these books will find official Western releases in the near future, but either way thank you very much for your support of these projects and their staff over the years. Many of these staff will be transitioning to new projects so please keep your eyes peeled for that.

-NanoDesu and the NanoDesu Translations Team

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28 thoughts on “3 DMCA’s received from Kadokawa

  1. Kadokawa also recently bought a 51% stake in Yen Press, and they’re also co-producing with Crunchyroll now, so Kadokawa definitely seems keenly interested in selling their stuff to the English market.

  2. “Hopefully, this is a signal that these books will find official Western releases in the near future”

    Or more than likely it’s just Kadokawa being dicks.

  3. It’s highly unlikely that they’ll license the titles they DMCA’d. Most likely, we’ll never see these three titles in bookstores ever. Oh well.

  4. for the love of all things holy!!!!!! what the actual fuck??! and i was constantly keeping tabs on amaburi !!!!!! im a huge fan of it and been always been dying to read the rest. if only light novels are available here. really ruined my already tarnished day

  5. I seriously doubt it, as Global Kadokawa Bookwalker, Kadokawa’s service for publishing their content in English and the only reason they could get DMCAed for near publication without any hint from US publishers, aren’t aware of any DMCA spree.

    Japanese publishers are oddly protective of their content, and by oddly I mean that they only show concern from time to time and go above and beyond the author’s wishes. J-Comi, current Madokami, a site for free sharing and voluntary buying of out-of-catalogue mangas in digital format was born from a move tried (and sadly achieved in many cases) by the publishers of having authors relinquish their rights in their favor.

    • J-comi was relaunched as “manga toshokan z” and it’s supported by both Kodansha and Shueisha. Madokami isn’t supported by any publisher nor are the titles avaible via it out-of-print.

      • That’s weird, since J-Comi’s old link redirects to Madokami, and I’ve seen all of their out-of-print titles (which is everyone of them) with “free reading” and “buy ebook” options.

        The autotranslating tool is iffy, though.

      • OK, my bad, mistook my bookmarks. It’s indeed Manga Toshokan Z we are talking about. Which makes it weird, though.

        Everything I said was about MTZ.

        That’s what happens when you don’t clean your bookmarks regularly.

      • It seems that Kadokawa has become the main shareholder of the Yen Press brand (51%, while Hachette retains 49%). I hope that this recent event works to make my original comment wrong by making YP publish all of the DMCAed series.

  6. I don’t mind Oriemo, series ended like crap(worst girl one). Sad to see the other 2 go.

    Any other series that are under Kadowawa on Nanodesu? I know Grimgal is under some lesser known publisher, but don’t follow who does what usually.

  7. I have suggestion. How about you guys remove other banner shortcut to other translation website, and also block or redirect any attempt to access from Japan IP; like making a dummy website so they will have less chance to send dmca to you guys and other translation website.

  8. This is another heart breaking news. What a bother.
    1) I hope they translate them (I doubt not)
    2) I hope there will be quality translations
    3) I hope they will release it without delays (cross my hands)
    4) It is time to fork out even more $

  9. I got a question are the translators for this three works going to find and start a new project or are they going to pick up some projects from the “Needs Translator and/or Teaser Projects” section?

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